8 Life Lessons From My Son's Sensei That I Could Use Myself

I’ve been meaning to write about the benefits of my older boy taking karate lessons for a few months now.  It was going to be a sweet little post about how young kids benefit from the discipline that is encouraged at a dojo. As a mom in this era of “respectful parenting,” where empathy is... Read more »

The Poop That Got Away, A Children's Story

This morning, our youngest made a poop.  This is significant for reasons you do not want me to detail here.  Suffice it to say, POOP! The three of us — Mama, Daddy, and boy — were standing over the toilet as it was flushed.  “Bye bye, poop!,” I exclaimed, except, oops, that poop was going... Read more »

When the Acorns Find Me

The definition of skeptical is, “1) not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations.  2) relating to the theory that certain knowledge is impossible.” Skeptical pretty much sums up how I feel about the idea of an afterlife.  But I can’t claim atheism, because just as I can’t say God exists, I can’t say He doesn’t... Read more »

New Mattress, New Sheets, New Life!

My husband and I have been sharing a bed for twenty years, give or take a month or two.  TWENTY YEARS, PEOPLE.  That’s a long time to do anything.  For all of those twenty years we have been sleeping on a futon pad on the futon platform left over from my husband’s freewheeling bachelor days.... Read more »

Ten Years

Last week marked the ten year anniversary of our daughter’s cancer diagnosis.  Ten years is a long time.  And yet, somehow, I can transport myself to Donna’s bedside at the hospital the morning we got the diagnosis, as if it were only a few days ago.  The fear and dread and helplessness and growing pit... Read more »

Trump Apartment, Home of Russian Oligarch, or Versailles?

Okay, be honest.  Would you be able to lay down your pretty little head in this cavalcade of golden and floral splendor and sleep?  Yeah, I didn't think so.  Me either.  Nope, not a wink.  So where would we be so distracted together?  Versailles, if you must know.
It’s been a long winter, has it not?  The older I get, the more I realize that balancing the challenges of life with laughter and humor is the way to go. And, in that spirit, I present to you a wee little challenge:  Can you tell the difference between the $100 million dollar home of... Read more »

The Viral BBC Dad Video: Does It Matter If She Is the Mom or the Nanny? Yes, It Does

If you’ve spent any time at all on the Internet today, you’ve probably seen the man being interviewed on BBC about important matters related to the geopolitics of South and North Korea before his two kids bust in, making them all an instant meme, gif, and viral sensation.  His name is Robert E. Kelly and... Read more »

'A Day Without Women' Is Not As Simple As You Might Think

Last night I read an article in the Chicago Tribune, “Chicago Businesses Prepare for ‘A Day Without a Woman.”  Reading the comments made me realize, in a visceral way, why the concept of a women’s strike is still an important, though complicated, tool in 2017.  Here is just a smattering: “Driving should be easier and... Read more »

Have You Ever Met a Refugee?

This morning I had the opportunity to drive three little girls to their dance lessons.  They happened to be Syrian refugees who live in my neighborhood. Two of the girls are sisters and while we waited for the third girl to get to the car, they told me their stories, totally unsolicited, and with joy... Read more »

What a Muddy Backpack and Stuffed Rooster Taught Me About My Mothering

My eight year old son is a child sized version of an absent-minded professor.  I am constantly reminding him to keep track of his things, not to lose his things, and to stay on top of his things.  “Things” being the all inclusive umbrella term for the trappings of boyhood — backpack, handheld game system,... Read more »