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Thank You, President Trump!

I am not the same person I was on November 7, 2016.  I’ve changed, and I owe it all to you, POTUS.  Thanks for that.  It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of your Tweets and your lies and your hateful bigotry and the chaos that surrounds your administration, but the mantra I... Read more »

Don't Kid Yourself, Our Children Are Paying Attention to Current Political News

I talk and think about politics a lot.  Let me clarify that for you, when I say ‘a lot,’ I mean, a whole heaping boatful. Politics is my jam and it has been since I was a young girl.  I remember watching the television footage of Nixon’s resignation as a four year old.  I got... Read more »

I Visited Civil War and WWII Memorials Yesterday and Then I Heard About Charlottesville

The feeling was palpable and even in the moment I knew that I was seeing the Civil War monument with keener eyes.  Yesterday  I spent a few hours in Muskegon, Michigan with family on our way home from our summer vacation along Lake Michigan’s shores.  We parked the car to give the kiddos a chance... Read more »

How to Manage Political PTSD

I’ve heard time and again from angry conservative trolls on the Internet that they had to live for eight long years under the tyranny of an Obama reign, so, apparently, Trump is our karma for them not liking our nation’s first African American president.  Say what you will about Obama’s really, really not good education... Read more »

Do You Have Political PTSD?

Last week was bad.  Like really, really, colossally bad.  A humdinger, doozy of a week.  One day I stayed in my pajamas and had my nose glued to Internet news reports. Most nights I had trouble sleeping.  My tolerance for other people was limited, at best. It’s not healthy, which I can readily admit, but... Read more »

When Your Boss Comments On Your Hair and Makeup on National TV

I’m not a fan of this administration, which is news to no one who knows me or reads what I write.  That extends to the newly named White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  Full disclosure, to me, she comes across as cold, mean, irritable, obtuse, and condescending, happily carrying the water for her boss.... Read more »

Are We Great Yet? Raising Children In Donald Trump's America Is Getting Harder

I sat down at my computer this morning to write a post about littering.  True story.  And then I saw some words that Donald Trump littered on Twitter about a news anchor and her bleeding face lift and low IQ and how he kept her from attending a party at his Florida golf club and... Read more »

That Time My Daughter Was On Medicaid

Health care.  Unless you live in a cave without wifi, you’ve heard the familiar rumblings of our elected officials holding the fate of every American citizen in their hands while they decide what to do about it.  I have a lot of thoughts about how something that impacts so many could be determined by thirteen... Read more »

Bullies Are Winning and Too Many Americans Are Cheering Them On

Last night, yet another bombshell news story was unfolding that typifies the chaos that is dangerously close to feeling normal in American politics.  The GOP candidate for the sole Congressional seat from the great (and gorgeous) state of Montana was charged with assault after physically attacking a reporter who was asking him a question. Greg... Read more »

'A Day Without Women' Is Not As Simple As You Might Think

Last night I read an article in the Chicago Tribune, “Chicago Businesses Prepare for ‘A Day Without a Woman.”  Reading the comments made me realize, in a visceral way, why the concept of a women’s strike is still an important, though complicated, tool in 2017.  Here is just a smattering: “Driving should be easier and... Read more »