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My 2017 Facebook Resolution

January is right around the corner and with that comes resolutions. Typically, I am not one to make or publicize resolutions.  I don’t ever really think too much about them.  But this year feels differently to me.  I’m feeling the need to shake things up, my friends, because what has worked in the past doesn’t... Read more »

Winona Ryder Is Middle Aged, So I Must Be, Too

This week I binge watched the new Netflix series, Stranger Things.  Loved it.  I watched it, in large part, because I really adore Winona Ryder. We are similarly aged (I’ve got two years on the gal), so my life milestones felt, in many ways, like they mirrored her characters on screen.  Imagine my surprise when... Read more »

The Historical Nature of Tonight's Taco Dinner

I am a 46 year old woman and tonight while I was cooking dinner for my family, I turned the kitchen radio up louder than my toddler’s rambling so I could hear the roll call of a woman being nominated for President of the United States of America for the very first time.  More than... Read more »

15 Wedding Gifts Still In Use After 15 Years of Marriage

Utensil bins, including many of the utensils held within.  Full disclosure, we've pretty much cycled through to a second set of wood spoons and spatulas.  Fifteen years of cooking will do that.
So the husband and I celebrated 15 years of marriage last week.  It was lovely, actually.  We spent a weekend in the small town where we got married, showed the boys the opera hall where our ceremony was held,  had a spontaneous vow renewal, enjoyed a fancy dinner and show.  Really lovely.  And, then, you... Read more »

A Boy's Bouquet

Is there anything sweeter than a bouquet picked by your child?  Very likely not. My son picked me a small bouquet this morning in the meadow behind his grandparent’s home.  Yes, there is a meadow adjacent to their backyard.  Life is good when you live near a meadow.  You get to see the seasons in... Read more »

Middle Aged White Lady Mourns Prince

A couple of hours ago I learned that Prince had died.  I stepped away from the extended family vacation I am in the midst of to just catch my breath and noodle on Facebook for a moment or two.  Immediately I saw the news that Prince was dead at 57.  Prince.  Dead.  It seems inconceivable... Read more »

Me and My Elmo Feet

At 46, I should be beyond having an identify crisis, right?  I mean, come on, that stage of life should have been put to rest along with my Bonne Bell flavored lip glosses and Jean Nate bath spray.  Having an identity crisis is so 20th century.  Now that I am a modern 21st century woman,... Read more »

Telephone Calls and Address Books

I just got off an unexpected phone call.  (Sheesh.  Millenials won’t even know what that sentence means.  Anyways.)  One of my Mom’s dear friends, a neighbor from across the street when I was a child, called to wish my family a Happy New Year.  Mrs. E. was a dear woman in 1975, so it stands... Read more »

How $10 and Amazon Allowed Me to Go Home Again

Ten years ago I lost my Mom and last spring my Dad died after ten years as a widower.  Less than a year after my Mom was gone, my Dad opted to sell their last shared home and sold or distributed most of their belongings accumulated after almost 50 years of marriage.  It was hard... Read more »

When He Was Six

In just a few weeks, my now six year old will turn seven.  I am not one of those moms who mourn their children growing older.  I can’t, simply because of circumstance. I celebrate the milestones, the independence, the sheer miracle of a child growing up.  What a blessing. I also savor the fleeting nature... Read more »