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Happy Birthday, Audrey

Style icon, humanitarian, Google doodle cover girl.  Today marks Audrey Hepburn’s would be 85th birthday. If you peruse my Pinterest boards, it wouldn’t take long to see that I have a love for all things mid-century.  Audrey Hepburn is a large part of that. She had tremendous style.  She had powerful grace.  She had a... Read more »

When Friendships End

It was a warm day in late spring.  I was walking home from school with a few of my close friends.  We were eight, I think, third grade.  We all walked home together every day, that day being no different.  Until it was. At some point, each of the girls I was walking with crossed... Read more »

2014 Oscar Fashion Commentary from a Middle Aged Mom

Naomi Watts rarely disappoints -- she is one of those stars that almost always get impeccable points for technical skill on the red carpet.  Rarely for artistry, as she rarely takes risks, but almost always for looking clean, modern, smart.  This Calvin Klein dress is no exception.  It's hard to see in this image, but the best piece is the geometric collar necklace.  Great strong cuts against the more delicate white beaded dress -- a nice complement.  The other thing she is missing is that gorgeous husband of hers, Liev Schreiber.  Yum.  Can never go wrong with a little Liev.
I’m back!  I had so much fun doing my middle aged mom commentary for the Golden Globes, I’m back for the Oscars, which is basically the Golden Globes for a select few 63 year old white men, something they like to call “The Academy.”  Pffft.  Even old white men like to see pretty ladies all... Read more »

Best of 2013: Happy Birthday, Mary Tyler Mom!

Each January as the calendar turns, it also marks another anniversary for this here blog.  Mary Tyler Mom began as a Tumblr site in January 2011 just weeks after I returned to work after losing my daughter to cancer.  A lot has changed in three years, and this here blog is the reason for many... Read more »

2014 Golden Globe Fashion Commentary from a Middle Aged Mom

Okay, I love Jennifer Lawrence.  She is a national treasure.  Her haircut is perfection, her curves luscious, her whole being is simply refreshing.  But we need to talk about this dress.  Great from the waist up, but a fail from the waist down.  One of my Facebook pals said it best, "She looks like a snowman."  It's just not flattering, despite the styling being perfect.  I KNOW.  Stone me now.  Sorry, JLaw.  But I still love you.
So last night was one of the most anticipated nights in Hollywood.  Golden Globes night, baby — Oscars with alcohol.  Pfffft.  This middle aged mom was so busy with a newborn and executing my son’s fifth birthday party (rainbow themed, yo!) that I didn’t even realize it until I sat down at 8:15 and read about them... Read more »

A Seat at the Bar With Studs

When you grow up in Chicago, when your people are historians and class conscious labor historians at that, well, Studs Terkel is on your radar.  And I am all the richer for it.  My writing pal Andy asked me to blog about meeting a writer that inspires at a bar.  What might that look like?... Read more »

Christmas Memories

Tick tock, tick tock, folks.  Christmas, that most stressful/joyful of holidays, is only a week away.  Hop to it, am I right? Not me. I get reflective this time of year.  Things are winding down, a new year is about to begin, another year is ending.  I miss the people I love who have died.... Read more »

JFK's Death Through the Eyes of an Irish Catholic Born After He Died

When President John F. Kennedy was killed, 50 years ago today, I was not even a glint in my parents’ eyes.  They were sleep deprived after having delivered their second child, my sister, just two weeks earlier.  I was still six years away.  So why on earth is this day so significant to me? I... Read more »

My Life as a Mercedes Lady

I’ve been driving a Mercedes for three years.  That is a sentence I never thought I would type, but it’s true.  And let me tell you, it’s been pretty cool, but now it’s time to say goodbye. In 2010, Mary Tyler Dad was gifted a three year lease of a new Mercedes Benz C Class... Read more »


My son is four.  I’ve written about it before.  A few times, actually.  Four is just so damn amazing, surprising, joyful and funny.  Like hilarious funny.  Like Louis C.K. funny.  Capital “F” Funny. This week, driving in the car together, my boy, out of the blue, said, “I wish there was a medicine the doctor... Read more »