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T-Shirts by Donna to Help Kids With Cancer

DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!  I am thrilled to introduce the newest campaign by my friends at Paper Clouds Apparel — art work featured by Donna.  50% of the proceeds for all shirts and accessories sold between now and June 29, 2014 will be donated to the Donna’s Good Things Campaign with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, which,... Read more »

He Speaks, Again

This is a guest post by a friend and fellow Cancer Mom. By Kathleen Manning Have you ever had a déjà vu moment? You know, a moment when you have a strong feeling that an event or an experience, that you are in the midst of experiencing, has happened before. Déjà vu is French and,... Read more »

That's What She Said

On Saturday, a mom and fellow blogger I had never met outside of Facebook donated her son’s very first haircut to the Donna’s Good Things shave event for St. Baldrick’s.  It moved me, this kind gesture, which I secretly thought of as “pimping the cut,” despite that being terribly uncouth. When I first learned of... Read more »

Kids Helping Kids: Children Shaving to Support Childhood Cancer

Children shaving their heads and going bald for other children with cancer has made a big splash in the news this past week.  Or maybe that’s specific to my newsfeed — that of a mom who lost a child to cancer and who has more than a few friends in the same boat. A troubling... Read more »

Donna Day 2014: A Tale of Two Cities

A couple of weeks ago I brought my son and his friend to see the Lego movie on opening weekend.  He was stoked and I was reflective. Imagine that, me being reflective . . . See, I couldn’t stop thinking about a virtual friend I have, a fellow Cancer Mom, who was generous enough to... Read more »

An Invitation to the Cancer Party

Yo, yo, yo!  It’s World Cancer Day!  And you’re all invited!  Woot woot!  Are you ready to party?!  I hope so, cause this is an invitation you can’t decline. Maybe your invitation hasn’t arrived yet.  No worries, it will.  It absolutely will.  Maybe you will never get your name on the cancer party envelope, but... Read more »

Suck It, Cancer: My Boy Is Five

Many, many moons ago I was in a crowded ER of Children’s Memorial Hospital.  Our daughter’s ER stays almost always happened late at night or in the wee hours of the morning.  We went when her neutropenic fevers reached the requisite 100.5 — the witching temperature for a child with cancer. Often times there was... Read more »

Not a Box

One of my favorite books for the kiddos is called Not a Box by Antoinette Portis. It is a great celebration and exploration of a child’s imagination, how a child can take a cardboard box and transform it into a race car or a rocket ship just by thinking it.  I love the pride of... Read more »

The Greatest Pumpkin: Honor Donna and Have Fun at the Highwood Pumpkin Festival

Four years ago we were losing our oldest child, our beautiful Donna.  She was in the last weeks of her life which would end on October 19, 2009, after a nine day vigil.  The number four keeps smashing at me.  Donna was four years and three months when she died, which means soon, very soon,... Read more »

Kyla Rae's Story: When Hope Was Lost

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Each day I will feature a different guest blogger who will generously share their personal experience with childhood cancer.  Stories are always more potent than statistics.  The hope is that by learning about children with cancer, readers will be more invested in turning their awareness into action.  Read more... Read more »