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Disappointing Your Children, Or How Much Mr. Rogers and My Dad Don't Have in Common

There are certain things in life you can count on.  The sky is blue, all poop stinks, April 15 is Tax Day (that’s today, yo), and Jon Hamm is ridiculously handsome.  Another certainty in life is that if you are a parent raising children, you will disappoint them at some time.  It’s okay.  You’re supposed... Read more »

Muddy Shoes

Monday was kind of a glorious day in Chicago.  Over sixty degrees and holding a whisper of warmth to come.  Like a movie trailer to the upcoming season, rated G for giddy.  The snow that started accumulating in December and just never left, well, it finally did.  Poof.  Gone.  All that remains of it are... Read more »

That's What She Said

On Saturday, a mom and fellow blogger I had never met outside of Facebook donated her son’s very first haircut to the Donna’s Good Things shave event for St. Baldrick’s.  It moved me, this kind gesture, which I secretly thought of as “pimping the cut,” despite that being terribly uncouth. When I first learned of... Read more »

Kids Helping Kids: Children Shaving to Support Childhood Cancer

Children shaving their heads and going bald for other children with cancer has made a big splash in the news this past week.  Or maybe that’s specific to my newsfeed — that of a mom who lost a child to cancer and who has more than a few friends in the same boat. A troubling... Read more »

To the Woman Sitting Next to Us at Tufano's Vernon Park Tap on Sunday Afternoon

I don’t know you, but was seated next to you yesterday afternoon at Trufano’s Vernon Park Tap — a Chicago institution.  We arrived at 5:30.  I saw you walk in just before us and thought to myself — “She’s cute — looks like a nice gal.”  I honestly had that thought.  Pffft. It was not... Read more »

Raising Boys

I am the mother of two boys.  TWO BOYS.  This is, most of the time, almost incomprehensible to me.  I know nothing about boys.  Seriously.  I was afraid of them most of my childhood, except for my first best friend who was a boy.  He was awesome.  Hi, Allan!  I was crushed when Allan moved... Read more »

Floral Arrangement for the Grieving Mom

So yesterday I went to a workshop on floral arrangement.  I mused on the way over that with today’s social media environment and daily battles in the mom wars selling books and magazines and page views, a gal with a graduate degree taking a flower arranging workshop on a Thursday morning had morphed into a... Read more »

The Dark Window

Yesterday our next door neighbors moved.  Not far — just about six blocks away, but still, they moved.  And this makes me sad.  Sigh.  Wah.  Sigh. The move for them is a fantastic thing.  I get that and am so happy for them.  There is a great school just a few doors down from their... Read more »

Why I'll Be Watching the Olympics with My Kids

It’s not very PC, this Sochi Olympics, is it?  The Russians hate the gays and don’t believe in adequate housing for journalists and have dangerous “face water” coming out of their sinks and are killing stray dogs, so we hate the Russian hosted Olympiad, or something like that. Not me. I love the Olympics.  Not... Read more »

An Invitation to the Cancer Party

Yo, yo, yo!  It’s World Cancer Day!  And you’re all invited!  Woot woot!  Are you ready to party?!  I hope so, cause this is an invitation you can’t decline. Maybe your invitation hasn’t arrived yet.  No worries, it will.  It absolutely will.  Maybe you will never get your name on the cancer party envelope, but... Read more »