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What Your White, Privileged Kid Should Know About Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mary Tyler Son and I were hanging out over the weekend when we both realized that school would be closed on Monday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  I was curious what that meant to my white, privileged six year old kiddo, so we talked about it right there on the kitchen floor... Read more »

The Best Socialist Kid's Birthday Party Ever

It was time.  The time to answer the dreaded annual question of our children’s younger years, “How will we celebrate the birthday this year?”  I say dreaded rather pointedly, as I am not a huge fan of the classroom birthday party.  I pretty much loathe them.  When Mary Tyler Son was three and in his... Read more »

Downsizing Christmas

I make no bones about not being the most Christmasy of gals.  I like the holiday alright, but I can never escape the feeling of being oppressed by it.  It kind of sucks that I have, as long as I can remember, thought of it as something to get through, to endure.  The day itself... Read more »

Lost (Tooth) and Found (Joy)

It’s been a rough week around these parts.  Fevers, flu, general holiday malaise that takes up residence, like a familiar and demanding house guest. As karma for being the only member of the household who didn’t get their flu shot, I was bitten by the mother of all flus.  Forgive me, flu shot, for I... Read more »

Having a Healthy Child

A few weeks ago I sat down to fill out some forms for Mary Tyler Son to attend a local park district’s summer camp program.  As I was reviewing them and signing and marking off boxes, it hit me.  It hit me hard.   I have a healthy child.   A healthy child is not something... Read more »

Kids and Wakes and Dealing with Death and Grief

Sooner or later, all children will learn about death.  Through the death of a grandparent, a beloved pet, maybe even a bug splatting on the windshield.  For me, I see death everywhere.  That may sound morbid, but it doesn’t feel morbid.  It feels more like life to me. In our home, death is part of... Read more »

American Ninja Warrior Is My Five Year Old's Favorite Show and Why That's Okay

ISHKABIBBLE!  ISHKABIBBLE!  ISHKABIBBLE! My five year old running down the hall outside my bedroom and loudly yelling nonsense words are how I wake up a lot of these summer days. Our family discovered American Ninja Warrior on a fluke a few month’s ago.  At first, it was honestly comedy for us.  After the baby went... Read more »

Go To the Joy

For Judith A few months after our daughter died I spoke with a family friend who gave me some of the most profound advice of my life.  ”Go to the joy,” she said, “Go to the joy.”  Four itty bitty little words that hold profound wisdom. This friend, too, had experienced great loss.  I know... Read more »

House of Cards

So much of parenthood is about the “teachable moment.”  My guess is you know what I mean, even if you haven’t heard the phrase before. eachable moments are those spontaneous moments in our day that demonstrate the opportunity to share life’s lessons with our children in accessible ways they will easily understand.  I think I... Read more »

Children's Book Review: The Day the Crayons Quit

I love this book.  Seriously.  We’re at the stage where I thought we would be out of the picture book arena for a while, as Mary Tyler Son has moved on to chapter books and Lego guides almost exclusively.  I’ve missed them, honestly, as the picture books in our home library gather dust while they... Read more »