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Aunt Eileen's Irish Soda Bread

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day.  Younger folks like to celebrate that particular holiday by drinking to excess while wearing cheap green t-shirts made in China.  Not me.  For the past few years, I have invited my 100% Irish Da over for a traditional Irish dinner.  And, no, that isn’t a six pack with a boiled... Read more »

Chicken Pot Pie for Dummies

Some months of the year just seem to require more hugs.  December is one of those.  There is the stress of the holidays, the brutal awareness that our holidays will never just be stressful, they will be sad to boot, and the obligatory cheer that we are surrounded by and fully expected to participate in.... Read more »

Mom's Spaghetti Recipe

My Mom didn’t really like to cook much.  I grew up on a diet of canned vegetables, meat, and potatoes.  It’s what my Dad wanted and didn’t require a lot of thought or energy.  I totally get that.  So much of the time I feel uninspired by food.  I try, and with effort can put... Read more »