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I Am a Mom

This is part of the ChicagoNow Blog-a-palooza challenge.  Once a month all bloggers are given a writing prompt at 9:00 PM and instructed to write our little hearts out until 10:00 PM when all involved post simultaneously. Here is today’s prompt: Write about something you learned or experienced since you woke up this morning. Dammit.... Read more »

Figuring It Out

This post is part of the ChicagoNow monthly collective “blogapalooza” wherein one topic is presented at 9 p.m. and bloggers are afforded one hour to write their little blogger hearts out, publishing whatever they have by 10 p.m. Today’s topic: Write about a great challenge faced by you, by someone else, by an entity, at... Read more »

Advice to Myself on March 22, 2007

This post is part of a ChicagoNow blogging challenge where every blogger is given a topic at 9 PM and must post a blog by 10 PM.  Our assignment was to write a post offering advice to someone, anyone, about anything.  In keeping with the spirit of September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, I will... Read more »