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My Lake Shore Drive

When you choose to live in the place where you grew up, history accrues. Kid history mixes with adult history and family history gets tossed in there, too.  Chicago is my home by birth and by choice and I don’t imagine ever leaving this place.  I am grateful for the immigrant grandparents that chose it... Read more »

Hot Doug Before He Was Hot

For anyone living in or around Chicago and not under a rock, it’s hard to escape the fact that the most famous hot dog stand in America, Hot Doug’s, is closing today.  BOOM.  Just like that, Doug Sohn is walking away from a sure thing.  He is the Michael Jordan of purveyors of encased meat,... Read more »

Closing Lake Shore Drive: When the Threat of Terrorism Is Close to Home

The reason terrorism works, and make no bones about it, it does work, is that it creates fear and chaos in day-to-day life.  Things that should be normal, routine, easy are majorly impacted by terrorism.  Subways in London, cafes in Israel, finish lines in Boston, office towers in New York City.  These are all places... Read more »

A Seat at the Bar With Studs

When you grow up in Chicago, when your people are historians and class conscious labor historians at that, well, Studs Terkel is on your radar.  And I am all the richer for it.  My writing pal Andy asked me to blog about meeting a writer that inspires at a bar.  What might that look like?... Read more »

Oh No, He Didn't! Jon Stewart Talks Smack About Chicago

I love Jon Stewart, I do, I do, I do.  But making headlines today is the seven minute smack down he gave to Chicago last night on The Daily Show.  You can watch it here in its entirety. The back story is simple.  Chicago’s beloved SEARS Tower (and yes, some may call it the Willis... Read more »

The Greatest Pumpkin: Honor Donna and Have Fun at the Highwood Pumpkin Festival

Four years ago we were losing our oldest child, our beautiful Donna.  She was in the last weeks of her life which would end on October 19, 2009, after a nine day vigil.  The number four keeps smashing at me.  Donna was four years and three months when she died, which means soon, very soon,... Read more »

This Woman Is Not Allowed to Cry

This is a photo, a mug shot to be precise, of Helen Ford.  I don’t know much about Helen Ford and the first I heard of her was yesterday.  Helen was arrested and charged for the murder of her eight year old granddaughter. The little girl’s name was Gizzell.  Remember that name, because chances are,... Read more »

Listen to Your Mother, Yo

In just a few weeks I’m gonna do something that makes me a wee bit nervous.  Imma take the stage at Chicago’s Athenaeum Theatre and read some words I wrote in front of a crowd of oh, you know, about a thousand folks.  BAH!  Actually, I kid.  I don’t feel too nervous about this.  Excited... Read more »

An Open Letter to WGN's Mark Suppelsa

You aired what you referred to as an “investigative” report on WGN last night regarding the misuse of State funds from the income tax check off boxes.  We use the quotes because it is hard to think of matters that occurred two years ago and were previously reported on as investigative journalism. As two moms... Read more »

Festival of Lights Parade for Beginners

The cutest quartet of saxophone players ever in the history of marching bands during the line up of the parade.
I have never used this platform as a means to endorse or promote a particular brand or product and I take this very seriously.  You all don’t come here to find out what car to drive or broom to use.  You come here to read about life and love and hope and family and all... Read more »