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When Perfect Isn't Possible

This post is part of ChicagoNow’s monthly “Blogapalooza” challenge where bloggers are given a prompt at 9 PM and one hour to complete a post on the topic.  Tonight’s challenge was, “Write what your perfect day would be like, either in reality or fantasy.”   Well, the clock is telling me that it is already... Read more »

The Writer Who Doesn't Read

This post is part of ChicagoNow’s monthly Blogapooloza Hour where a writing prompt is given at 9PM and bloggers have one hour to complete a post.  This month’s prompt is:  ”Write about something in your life you’ve given up, but that you wish you still did.” I used to be a reader, but now I’m... Read more »

I Am a Mom

This is part of the ChicagoNow Blog-a-palooza challenge.  Once a month all bloggers are given a writing prompt at 9:00 PM and instructed to write our little hearts out until 10:00 PM when all involved post simultaneously. Here is today’s prompt: Write about something you learned or experienced since you woke up this morning. Dammit.... Read more »

Figuring It Out

This post is part of the ChicagoNow monthly collective “blogapalooza” wherein one topic is presented at 9 p.m. and bloggers are afforded one hour to write their little blogger hearts out, publishing whatever they have by 10 p.m. Today’s topic: Write about a great challenge faced by you, by someone else, by an entity, at... Read more »

The Second Kind of Help

This blog post is part of a ChicagoNow network wide “blogapalooza” wherin any ChicagoNow blogger writes about the same topic provided by our community managers.  Only catch is that we don’t get the topic until 9 p.m. and have to publish by 10 p.m.  It is ON, baby.  Today’s topic: Write about a time you... Read more »