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First Kisses

There are only so many first kisses that a long term married person enjoys in their life. I got one a few weeks ago.  I had been waiting for it, anticipating what it might be like. Often, the anticipation of a thing can make the actual thing feel less than your hopes had built it... Read more »

Adoption and Surrogacy and IVF, Oh My!

Seven months into Donna’s cancer treatment, we learned that the docs were recommending a stem cell transplant for her.  The toxicity of the chemo required to kill off her immune system was so potent that the transplant team informed us that Donna, just three years old at the time, would never be able to bear... Read more »

Honoring Birth Mothers on Mother's Day

A few months ago, in a glorious daze of caring for our littlest child — a newly adopted baby boy — an article I wrote was published in Chicago Parent magazine.  You can read it here.  I called it “Invisible Pregnancy,” but that title was changed by the magazine.  The article focused on the few... Read more »

Change Your Diaper, Change Your Life

The last words I heard my daughter utter, slur, really, before she was diagnosed with the brain tumor that would eventually take her life were, “Change your diaper, change your life.”  I remember it like it was yesterday, but it was almost seven years ago now. Donna had been not herself for a couple of... Read more »

Figuring It Out

This post is part of the ChicagoNow monthly collective “blogapalooza” wherein one topic is presented at 9 p.m. and bloggers are afforded one hour to write their little blogger hearts out, publishing whatever they have by 10 p.m. Today’s topic: Write about a great challenge faced by you, by someone else, by an entity, at... Read more »

Tips for the Newborn Photo Shoot, Or Poop Happens

I curse Anne Geddes.  I do.  You know who Anne Geddes is, right? WHAT?! Well, if you don’t know her name, you certainly know her work. Take a gander: A lot of folks love this stuff.  Me, not so much.  Hell, she’s sold 18 million books and 13 million calendars, so clearly, I must be... Read more »

When Mom is a Mom Blogger

I have three kids.  One is a newborn my husband and I adopted last month, one is a four year old who is brilliant and sweet (of course), and one is dead, the victim of an aggressive brain tumor at four years old.  That’s my family in a nutshell.  To me, these children are the... Read more »

Feeding Your Adopted Infant

As a two time mom myself, I am grateful to have breastfed two babies.  For me, the experience was uncomplicated, fulfilling, empowering, lovely.  I wrote about it here in one of my favorite parenting posts ever.  Long story short, it’s hard to argue that breast is best.  Scientifically, it just is.  GO BREASTS!  GO LACTATION!... Read more »

Guest Post: I Never Imagined I Would Be In the Same Situation As My Birth Mother

This is a guest post written by the Birth Mom who has chosen our family to adopt her baby.  We are beyond humbled.  The weight of the relationship we are embarking on, not just with a new baby, but with the mother and brother of the baby who will become part of our family, is... Read more »

When Facebook Sucks

You a Sex and the City fan?  I was.  I always wanted to be a Carrie, but was instead a Charlotte, with a sprinkle of Miranda to cut the sweetness.  Being a Charlotte is a little bit like height — it just is and you can’t really change it.  I could dress like Samantha, but... Read more »