A Conversation with My 7 Year Old

“I know what I want to be when I grow up!,” he exclaimed as we pulled away from school.  ”What’s that,?” I asked.  ”An architect!”  Being a fan of architects and architecture, this thrills me.  Our youngest is named after one of Chicago’s best known architects, so it’s definitely kind of a thing for me.... Read more »

The Orange Balloon: A Story About Grief and Living

Once upon a time I took my daughter to the grocery store.  She was in the midst of cancer treatment, but it was that brief time of the month in between her chemo sessions that she was able to walk and breathe freely amongst others in the world.  We got pretty efficient at packing 30... Read more »

Married with Kids

“Married with kids” is both a description of who I am, but also what I do.  I am married with kids, yes, but I also think of marriage and kids as verbs.  Marriage is work, a process, a state of being.  Having kids, raising kids properly, is certainly work.  Perhaps more of a vocation, really.... Read more »

We Teach Our Kids Not to Act Like Donald Trump, and Yet He May Be Our Next President

I generally work to keep this blog politics free.  Occasionally I write about silly things politicians say, but those posts can be counted on two or three fingers in five years of content. And, sure, I write about gun violence regularly, but to me that is a public health issue and we should work to... Read more »

Telephone Calls and Address Books

I just got off an unexpected phone call.  (Sheesh.  Millenials won’t even know what that sentence means.  Anyways.)  One of my Mom’s dear friends, a neighbor from across the street when I was a child, called to wish my family a Happy New Year.  Mrs. E. was a dear woman in 1975, so it stands... Read more »

In Case of Emergency

I’m taking a break.  No one I love is allowed to need me in any extraordinary capacity for the undefinable future.  No sickness.  No breaks. No demanding needs.  No crisis allowed.  Like I said, I’m taking a break. For long (or short, depending on how you look at it) swaths of my life, I have... Read more »

Lessons Learned in 2015

Tomorrow marks the last day of 2015.  It’s been a year, but then again, aren’t they all?  I’m feeling reflective today, so jotted down some of the lessons this year has brought to me.  As you read through mine, consider what this year has gifted you, in terms of knowledge and experience.  Our challenge is... Read more »

Sandy Hook: Three Years Ago

Three years ago this afternoon I was driving with my then three year old in the back seat.  We were stuck in traffic coming home from Milwaukee.  My husband called me wondering if I had heard the news.  What news?, I asked.  I was grateful the boy was sleeping, as I listened to the reports... Read more »

How $10 and Amazon Allowed Me to Go Home Again

Ten years ago I lost my Mom and last spring my Dad died after ten years as a widower.  Less than a year after my Mom was gone, my Dad opted to sell their last shared home and sold or distributed most of their belongings accumulated after almost 50 years of marriage.  It was hard... Read more »

The Good Enough Christmas

It’s December 8, folks.  High freaking gear for the holiday season.  Are you ready?  Are you freaking out?  Do you feel your heart rate rise just thinking about December 25th being less than three weeks away? To date, I have ordered some gifts online, my family holiday cards arrived in the mail yesterday (but need... Read more »