Sandpiper Days

Have you ever noticed a group of sandpipers playing in the waves on the beach?  They are amazing little creatures, kind of bouncy and hyper and sweet.  I could watch them for hours. The first time I realized that little toddlers resemble sandpipers was in Mexico in February 2010.  Our Donna had died just four... Read more »


This blog is part of ChicagoNow’s monthly blogapalooza where bloggers are challenged with a topic at 9:00 PM and required to publish a post an hour later.  Here is this month’s topic: “Without trying to be humble, write about something you’re really good at.” Oy.  I have to laugh because as of late, I am... Read more »

Father's Day Minus My Father

Father’s Day was never a big deal for my Dad.  It was not his thing.  He didn’t expect gifts or meals or cards, even.  I seem to remember a good Father’s Day for him was one where all of his four kids called him.  That made him happy. Last Father’s Day was spent raising funds... Read more »

In-Between Weddings

We’re headed to Cincinnati for a wedding later this month and it made me realize that my husband and I are in that phase of life in-between weddings.  Most of our close friends and contemporaries sailed on the wedding ship long ago, very few have gotten divorced and re-married, and we’re too young to be... Read more »

The Things We Keep

Yesterday I went to my Dad’s condo.  I don’t go there often, actually avoiding it as much as I can.  It makes me sad to be there.  When a person dies, aside from love and memories, what remains is their stuff.  Junk now, to most anybody but the deceased.  I don’t say that as a... Read more »

How the Childhood Cancer Community Gets It Wrong

It’s happening again.  The childhood cancer community, a group I am both honored and sorrowed to call myself a part of, is getting it wrong again in a very public way. National news outlets are now reporting on what I have seen on my private Facebook feed almost immediately after the announcement — sour grapes... Read more »

Toddlers Are the Best Antidote for Modern Life

I just posted a short video of Mary Tyler Toddler eating a plate of fresh cherries and raspberries with this caption, “In light of all the muck you scroll through on social media, I thought that 30 seconds of XXXXX eating might make it all more bearable.”  IT SEEMS TO BE WORKING. This morning, after... Read more »

Tomorrow Is Thursday and I Get to Shower

This is an entry in ChicagoNow’s monthly “blogapalooza” hour where we are challenged with a blog topic and given an hour to write about it.  Here is the topic: Write about your tomorrow. Not figuratively — literally write about anything that you hope, fear, believe, expect, anything, that you may experience tomorrow. I have a... Read more »

Laminated Wedding Vows

My husband and I just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary.  The ‘ivory anniversary’ it’s called, though, in the large numbers of slain elephants being killed for their tusks, the traditional gift has been changed to “animals.”  Yeah, um, no, we are not exchanging animals to celebrate fourteen years together. One thing I love to do... Read more »

Two Gals Talk TV: Mad Men, an Introduction to our Obsession

I am in mourning.  Katy from I Got a Dumpster Family! is in mourning, too, which helps me feel less alone in my sadness.  Tonight is the very last episode, the series finale of Mad Men. No more Don or Betty or Joan or Roger or Peggy or Pete.  BAH.  I am not ready. One... Read more »