Laminated Wedding Vows

My husband and I just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary.  The ‘ivory anniversary’ it’s called, though, in the large numbers of slain elephants being killed for their tusks, the traditional gift has been changed to “animals.”  Yeah, um, no, we are not exchanging animals to celebrate fourteen years together. One thing I love to do... Read more »

Two Gals Talk TV: Mad Men, an Introduction to our Obsession

I am in mourning.  Katy from I Got a Dumpster Family! is in mourning, too, which helps me feel less alone in my sadness.  Tonight is the very last episode, the series finale of Mad Men. No more Don or Betty or Joan or Roger or Peggy or Pete.  BAH.  I am not ready. One... Read more »

Don't Worry About a Thing

It will be okay.  I know this because if you wait long enough, the sting of initial grief passes, eases, ebbs.  I’ve buried my Mom and daughter, so burying my Dad is not the shock it could have been had this been my first time at the sadness rodeo.  But it still sucks. Today really... Read more »

A Letter to My Sons on Mother's Day

Hey Boys, Sunday is Mother’s Day.  I know this because I have been to the mall three times in the past few weeks (through no fault of my own).  You can’t walk past a single shiny window without being bombarded with the certain way to make your mother happy come this Sunday morning —  BUY... Read more »

Aging Parents: A Promise Kept

My Mom lived the last eleven months of her life with right sided paralysis caused by a bleed out in a brain tumor she didn’t know she had.  She could no longer walk, get out of a bed or car independently, bathe herself, or even wipe. There were cognitive changes and her communication was severely... Read more »

The Gift of a Cooked Meal

It’s 4:35 as I type this.  Most afternoons, this would be on the early side of me figuring out what should be for dinner.  Pffft.  Who am I kidding?  I don’t really start doing that until 5:30 or so.  (Alright, alright, 6 o’clock.  Sheesh.) But tonight I’m not worried about dinner at all.  Nor was... Read more »

It's 4/20! Time to Embrace My Inner Squirrel

April 20, or 4/20 as the cool kids like to call it, is that single day of the year when I am reminded, again and again, just what a squirrel I really am.  For the record, a squirrel, in my book, is a person who, while not sheltered, hasn’t really participated in the, um, well,... Read more »

The Call

A few hours ago the phone rang.  Typically, this is not a big deal.  Six o’clock, cooking dinner, the telemarketers know and use this time to reach you at home.  Except this wasn’t a telemarketer, it was my Dad.  And my Dad, as of one week ago, is on hospice care.  I literally cannot remember... Read more »

You Are My Sunshine

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine  You make me happy when skies are gray. There is not a mother or child in my orbit that does not know the lyrics to this song. My guess is that even reading those words above, you are singing it, on tune, inside your head.  It appears coded... Read more »

Lost and Found in Paradise

If you take out the religious overlay of the concept of paradise, it is defined as, “an ideal or idyllic place or state.”  So it is both a location, geography, and a feeling, or our internal geography, if you will. Last December I had the privilege of joining three other families in the geographical paradise... Read more »