A Boy's Bouquet

Is there anything sweeter than a bouquet picked by your child?  Very likely not. My son picked me a small bouquet this morning in the meadow behind his grandparent’s home.  Yes, there is a meadow adjacent to their backyard.  Life is good when you live near a meadow.  You get to see the seasons in... Read more »

Middle Aged White Lady Mourns Prince

A couple of hours ago I learned that Prince had died.  I stepped away from the extended family vacation I am in the midst of to just catch my breath and noodle on Facebook for a moment or two.  Immediately I saw the news that Prince was dead at 57.  Prince.  Dead.  It seems inconceivable... Read more »

Me and My Elmo Feet

At 46, I should be beyond having an identify crisis, right?  I mean, come on, that stage of life should have been put to rest along with my Bonne Bell flavored lip glosses and Jean Nate bath spray.  Having an identity crisis is so 20th century.  Now that I am a modern 21st century woman,... Read more »

Some Thoughts About Clickbaiting

“Clickbaiting” is a verb, right?  This week, for the first time in the history of my blog, I used some hardcore clickbait for attention writing a post I titled, “Why Does Mark Zuckerberg Hate Kids with Cancer?”  For those of you who are in the dark, clickbait is defined as, “(on the Internet) content, especially... Read more »

Why Does Mark Zuckerberg Hate Kids with Cancer?

You may consider this blog post click bait, and, let me tell you, you wouldn’t be wrong.  I am desperate at this point, and not beyond employing a little click bait. Do I really think Mark Zuckerberg hates kids with cancer?  No, probably not.  I mean, he’d have to be some sort of a monster,... Read more »

Old Furniture

My home is full of old furniture.  I sleep on the futon my husband had when we met; the same pine futon base he used as a bachelor.  My family eats meals off an old green enamel table from the 1920s that my Dad found in the basement of a house he was flipping in... Read more »

The Hole That Fills Me Up

The definition of “hole” is that of an empty space, a hollow place.  I know from holes, as my heart has quite a few of them.  Plus, I live in Chicago, so my winters are spent swerving to miss driving through potholes.  Those holes suck.  And one of the best pieces of writing I’ve even... Read more »

6 Valuable Tips for Talking About Race With Young Children

I live in Chicago, one of the most racially and class based segregated cities in America.  Knowing this, and loving this city despite its deep flaws, when we purchased a home, my husband and I opted to find a neighborhood that was diverse, both economically and racially.  It was no easy feat. When we started... Read more »

DONNA DAY 2016: There Was a Time When Every Day Was Donna Day

There was a time in my life, not too long ago, actually, when every day was Donna Day.  Every day revolved around caring for our little girl with cancer.  If it weren’t medical procedures, clinic visits, or home health nursing visits, it was time spent showing Donna what a wonderful, beautiful place the world was.... Read more »

A Conversation with My 7 Year Old

“I know what I want to be when I grow up!,” he exclaimed as we pulled away from school.  ”What’s that,?” I asked.  ”An architect!”  Being a fan of architects and architecture, this thrills me.  Our youngest is named after one of Chicago’s best known architects, so it’s definitely kind of a thing for me.... Read more »