My Three Year Old Just Asked Me to Save the World

One moment you’re sitting with family eating macaroni and cheese and the next moment your three year old is looking up at you with his wide eyes asking, in all sincerity, for you to save the world.  Oh, oh, oh, if only I could.  “Save the world, Mama.  You have to save the world.” Yet... Read more »

Ten Years at Home

Milestones are an opportunity to reflect.  Ten years ago this month, my little family of three moved into our current home.  It was an impossible move that kind of, sort of made no sense at the time, but it was a move rooted in hope. In March 2007 we were casually looking at new digs.... Read more »

Fireworks and Guns and Empathy in Chicago

My Facebook feed has been chock full these past few days with angry friends and family who live in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  Are they angry about the 101 shootings that occurred in Chicago over the long 4th of July weekend?  Probably, but that’s not what they’re talking about on Facebook.  They are annoyed... Read more »

Are We Great Yet? Raising Children In Donald Trump's America Is Getting Harder

I sat down at my computer this morning to write a post about littering.  True story.  And then I saw some words that Donald Trump littered on Twitter about a news anchor and her bleeding face lift and low IQ and how he kept her from attending a party at his Florida golf club and... Read more »

Decisions, Decisions . . .

This post is part of ChicagoNow’s monthly ‘Blogapalooza’ series where bloggers are provided a writing prompt and given 60 minutes to publish a post about it.  This month’s writing prompt is:  “Write about a decision you made that changed the course of your life, for better or worse.” This one is easy for me.  I... Read more »

That Time My Daughter Was On Medicaid

Health care.  Unless you live in a cave without wifi, you’ve heard the familiar rumblings of our elected officials holding the fate of every American citizen in their hands while they decide what to do about it.  I have a lot of thoughts about how something that impacts so many could be determined by thirteen... Read more »

What To Do When Someone Uses the N Word Around You

Maybe you’ve seen the shaky phone videos pop up in your Twitter and Facebook feeds, or you’ve heard folks talking about them in the office kitchen — evidence of white folks behaving badly.  Really badly.  Like truly despicably.  They are all the rage in this age of America reclaiming its greatness. It feels to me... Read more »

Kids and Keys

Another milestone tackled by my eight year old just now.  For the first time ever (not for lack of trying), he opened the door to our home all by himself. WOOT!  He is very proud of himself.  I am proud of him, too. It might seem crazy, but I recognize each and every one of... Read more »

No Wonder I Am a Feminist

Being a 47 year old American woman means that I grew up watching Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter style.  That gal flew around in her invisible airplane and lassoed up all the bad guys and villains in her path.  She was a bicentennial bitch of the highest order, badass and gorgeous, resplendent in her red, white,... Read more »

Memorial Day With Matter

Today is a day we set aside to honor and remember those who have died in service to this country of ours, our beautiful and deeply flawed America.  I don’t really think of myself as coming from a military family, but just a moment’s reflection proves me wrong.  My Dad served in the Army.  My... Read more »