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Balls: Overly Deflated or Under Inflated? What's Your Take on DeflateGate?

An intense major drama has exploded in the NFL: It’s DeflateGate, and yesterday afternoon I inadvertently got sucked into it. The New England Patriots are under fire and there’s some ‘splainin’ to do. So crazy ridiculous. I had heard some news blips about the New England Patriots and their football deflating shenanigans – but really... Read more »

Size Does Matter When Watching the Super Bowl: The More Inches the Better

A few weeks ago: The big TV had finally died and My Sports Guy was ecstatic. He had been campaigning for Bigger/Better/More Inches for some time now. A trip to the Mega Electronics store revealed a ridiculous amount of choices, including all levels of “smartness” i.e. built-in internet capabilities, features, bells and whistles galore. In... Read more »

Jim Harbaugh Coach for the San Francisco 49ers Loses the Game but Sees the Light: Pleated Khakis No More

Finally, a story with a happy ending (well, except for that game loss): As you might have heard, Jim Harbaugh, head coach of the San Francisco 49ers football team, apparently had an obsession that was driving his wife Sarah crazy. Not drugs, booze, women, gambling or anything worthy of a sordid Enquirer headline, but nevertheless,... Read more »