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Free Group Therapy Sessions for Depressed Chicago Bears Fans

…needed urgently. Are the “Powers That Be” that head up the Chicago Bears organization considering offering group therapy sessions at numerous locations throughout the city? I hope so. This is no joke. I am sure that there are throngs of Bears fans demonstrating alarming symptoms of severe emotional distress…anger, denial, rage, bitterness, shame and more,... Read more »

Some Advice For Fans on How to Chase Away The Chicago Bears Blues

Sunday morning started out positive. Football-Game Day-Chicago Bears and the Miami Dolphins playing in Chicago, and the soothsayer Sports Brains were all predicting a Bears victory in Soldier Field. Of course, they would win. They had to win. They LOST their first two games at home and couldn’t possibly go 0-3 at home. The team... Read more »

Ten Things I Loved about Jackie Robinson West USA Little League Champs and the One Thing that Made Me Cringe

Jackie Robinson West, Chicago Little League Team extraordinaire – 2014 USA Champions! The heavens parted and the sympathetic sports gods smiled down on the city of Chicago with this brilliant ray of sunshine. A city plagued by two disappointing Major League Baseball teams have been blessed with an amazing team of young and accomplished All... Read more »

Dallas Cowboys Surprise Season Ticket Holders. So Why Can't the Chicago Cubs Be Just as Creative?

Me (babbling female) attempting to engage in “sports small talk” with her Sports Guy: “Did you hear that all of the Dallas Cowboys season ticket holders received (along with their regular game tickets) tickets to see the Cowboys in the PLAYOFFS and tickets if the team should make it to the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP game? Him:... Read more »

News from Sports DramaLand: King LeBron James Makes His Royal Move

Currently King James, as in LEBRON JAMES continues to dominate the Sports Dramaland. In case you are one of the few fortunate individuals who has managed to escape all of the “shout it from the rooftops hype” about him – here is the short version update: Who is he? A Basketball Player. He is referred... Read more »

World Cup Soccer for Dummies: USA vs. Germany and What Can Happen Next

The FIFA World Cup Soccer games are being played out in Brazil and zillions of fans all over the planet are watching. It is especially nail-biting for those watching from the 32 countries that still remain in the running for the prized Cup. And, as we know the United States is one of them. YEA!... Read more »

Q & A with a ChicagoNow Blogger Dr. Dawj Sangster, Woman Extraordinaire

As a ChicagoNow project, bloggers were invited to interview each other, and post on their individual sites. I was selected to interview an amazing and accomplished woman, Dawgelene Sangster aka Dr. Dawj Sangster. Author, speaker and world renowned life and business strategist are just a few of the impressive titles that she holds. Dr. Dawj... Read more »

A Shout Out to Paul Wilkins a Blackhawk Fan from Australia that’s Putting Me to Shame

Paul Wilkins has once again (his fourth time) made the 20+ hour journey from Melbourne, Australia to support his beloved Chicago Blackhawks Team – while couch surfing in the homes of friendly Chicagoans as he cheers his team on through the exciting Stanley Cup Playoffs. It all started when he was visiting Chicago in 2007... Read more »

Clark the Cub (Chicago Cubs New Mascot) Benny the Bull and Mickey Mouse Walk Into A Bar…

Chicago Mascots, Clark the Cub, Benny the Bull and their buddy Mickey have a night out on the town and the conversation turns serious. Benny the Bull: “Hey guys, are your heads secure? Are your heads bolted down? Velcro isn’t good enough. You heard what happened to that (unofficial) Cubby Mascot in Wrigleyville. He was... Read more »

Marc Strickland the Chicago Cubs' Team Psychologist Has Been Let Go -Three Ideas to Fill the Shrink Void

`The Chicago Cubs’ team psychologist, Marc Strickland, is history. As one might surmise the Cubs are most likely an emotionally vulnerable group – bearing the burden of 106 years of failure to win a World Series. The 2014 baseball season is days away and the powers that be need to think out of the box... Read more »