The warning: If you go to the World Series at Wrigley Field you could end up in the ER

The Chicago Cubs are playing in a World Series - first time since 1945 and hoping to win this time after a 108 year drought. Down in the series 3-2, but the city doesn't stop believing.

My jubilant Sports Guy is manic – but alas, there is a dark cloud surrounding his exuberance. Sigh. Apparently, he has very subtly implied that it could be My Fault that My Forever Die-hard Cubs Guy was not at the winning Game 5 that "he has waited all of his life for". Ouch. And now the remaining two "do or die" games have to be played in CLEVELAND.

Cubs vs. Indians 2016

Cubs vs. Indians 2016

Ladies and gentlemen – let me plead my case:

Due to a series of very unfortunate accidents and subsequent problems, my Poor Guy has been on crutches and is currently sporting one of those huge protective boots on his injured foot for weeks. Understandably, he is hobbling around in pain in what his doctor has said could be a slow road to recovery. With that in mind, let me continue...

Saturday night (after the Cub's loss) he had stated that he wanted to go to Sunday night's FINAL game at Wrigley in their World Series battle with the Cleveland Indians. Regardless of his injured condition - he thought he could go. My comment to that idea was, "Let's play it by ear, and see how you feel honey, OK?"

HOWEVER, on Sunday morning, (and these are the pertinent facts) my Suffering Guy woke up with what seemed to be another complication of his current disability – painful BACK SPASMS. He could barely get out of bed, and as I am searching for the heating pad to hopefully provide some relief, I say, "Well I guess no game tonight."

He looked at me with a wide-eyed scary look of realization. But being in pain he didn't argue too much at that time.

In defense of my thoughts and rationale:

The crushing crowds, it's cold and damp – what if it rains and the streets are slippery? All of the WALKING. I had visions of him maneuvering Clark and Addison, swept along on the street crushed by "over-served" fans, losing his balance or getting knocked down...ambulance...emergency room...traction. Horrors... So you can understand my wanting to persuade him to avoid such a nightmare. All out of love, of course.

And let me point out: My Sports Guy did not have tickets for this game. He would have had to go pick the Game 5 World Series tickets off the tree in our backyard. (OK – that's just silly – we don't have a backyard.)

Instead, it would have involved a StubHub search, and I am guessing that after purchasing a ticket for the price of a kidney, he would still have ended up in the nosebleed section. Consequently, a lot of UPHILL walking, stairs and such. And if I know him, all the while somehow balancing a beer and a hot dog or two.

Now, I ask you? What loving woman would not have expressed the concern that this was a dangerous idea for all of the above reasons.

However, let the record show that I NEVER once said..."OVER MY DEAD BODY."

In addition, I totally empathize. After last year's 2015 WOW season for the Cubbies, we started off an exciting 2016 year by heading to their spring training in Mesa, AZ.

Watching them play, My Guy said he could feel it in his bones that THIS WAS THE YEAR. Finally. We cheered the Cubs all summer long at Wrigley. Win after win after win. Crazy build up to the World Series of 2016.

And now, we are cheering the Cubs to victory from the very boring safety of our living room when My Sports Guy (yearning for more excitement) says, "Let's all walk over to a sports bar and watch the rest of the game with the crowd." He gave me a pleading look.

Luckily he was overruled. "No, absolutely not," said Concerned Loving Daughter. "We'll never get seats, just sit on the couch." Stern but necessary.

Thank God, I had back up.

Thinking ahead, I started taking pictures of the TV. I can crop them so it will look exactly like we were at the stadium. I'm doing my best.

So, the game went on and we all stood up to sing in the 7th inning stretch. I'm sure Harry Caray would have told him to stay home too, right?

...and the crowd went wild!

...and the crowd went wild!

After the Cubs amazing win, he hobbled onto our deck – maybe hoping to hear cheers from the street? Or maybe just to nostalgically gaze at the W flag that was planted in the flower pot?

Just like at Wrigley

Just like at Wrigley

It was emotional. I thought that I saw him look my way with a wince...OMG was that disdain? Or another back spasm?

Damn – is he going to be telling the grandkids how he wanted to go to (what if) the last game that the Cubs played in the World Series in 2016 – BUT – guess what kids? Cruella Deville (AKA ME) wouldn't let him go???

(After all, he still talks about how his mother wouldn't let him go to Woodstock.)

Cruella Deville I Am Not

Cruella Deville I Am Not

Naaah - he would never do that. After all, we will have many more games to watch at Wrigley Field and more World Series - probably next year - we are on a roll now, right? Although someone probably said that in 1908. Yikes.

So seriously, I am debating (just in case)...should I start looking for airfare, hotel and tickets for Game 6 and even 7 in Cleveland? Get a wheelchair at the airport? Would we make it in time?

On second thought, I don't think that watching a victory in Cleveland will be the same.

Any Chicago sports bar will be better.

Hey, can somebody please save us some seats somewhere?

Go Cubs.


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