A Shout Out to Paul Wilkins a Blackhawk Fan from Australia that’s Putting Me to Shame

Paul Wilkins has once again (his fourth time) made the 20+ hour journey from Melbourne, Australia to support his beloved Chicago Blackhawks Team – while couch surfing in the homes of friendly Chicagoans as he cheers his team on through the exciting Stanley Cup Playoffs.

It all started when he was visiting Chicago in 2007 – happened to catch a Hawks game at The United Center – witnessed Patrick Kane score his first NHL career goal and badda bing – he was hooked. This is a phenomena that often happens to men.

So, today he was being interviewed on WGN Morning News, proudly wearing his Hawks Jersey, talking about his profound passion for the team, showing pictures of himself at the games holding up the Aussie flag surrounded by the Ice Crew Girls.

Note: I didn’t even know there were “Ice Crew Girls.” Duh.

Now, a true blue fan from a continent far, far away has reminded me – a born and raised Chicagoan - once again that I Am The Worst Blackhawk Fan Ever.

I confess, as I have in the past, that I want to be a Real Blackhawk Fan – a genuine member of the fun group that whoops and hollers and goes to the games and screams about the puck action on Facebook.

How can I be a very genuine Bears, Bulls, and Cubbie fan and then fall totally flat with the thought of the ice sport!?! Especially because the phenomenal Blackhawks are our ONLY recent Champions.

I have watched a couple of minutes of a couple of games and then in the middle of the crazy action switched to Netflix or anything else. Pathetic. Watching "Orange Is The New Black" over an amazing Chicago team that’s kicking butt in the Stanley Cup Finals. Who does that?

I contemplated my aversion to the H sport and the fact that I was miserably paling in comparison to the Australian guy…it would take me maybe 14 minutes in traffic to get to the Madhouse on Madison vs. his 22 hours. Mea Culpa.

Obviously, I definitely need help. So, I went to my I-Phone Go-to-Guru for advice and insight.

Me: “Siri, Why don’t I like hockey?”

Siri: “Let me think about that for a while.” Slight pause.

Then she said,” Here is what I found on the web…”

Voila, my phone displayed a website with a blog titled: “Five Reasons Why I Don’t Like Hockey”

Siri was trying to give me some empathy from a like-minded individual, but alas, the Five Reasons were kinda lame…such as

“The Ice is Cold” (no comment)…

”The Players Always Get into Fights” (yep),

and I’m not kidding…”Their Jerseys are Sweaty.”

I won’t bore you with the rest – but the truth be told – none of the “objections” would matter to me one hoot if only I could get interested in the game. In fact, I would embrace a player’s sweaty jersey.

Giving it one more shot, I gave another audible query to my Guru.

Me: “Siri, do you like hockey?”

Siri: “Not since my run-in with the Zamboni – I still have nightmares.”

Great – there are virtual cyber beings that are there to console and ease my guilt with witty banter.

Just then My Sports Guy walked into the room.

“Hey,” he looked over at me, “what’s going on?”

“Well, honey,” I said in a matter of fact tone, “I’m thinking of inviting a guy from Australia to crash on the couch in case he needs a place to stay. He’s a huge Hawks fan.”

With that, he gave me the usual wide-eyed stare, and then a very emphatic, “WHAT?”

“Listen, it’s the least I can do – I need some fan points anyway I can get them.”

Go Hawks.

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