Carmelo Anthony Playing for the Bulls and Bringing his Wife La La to Chicago: Why This Is On My Wish List

I confess that I know nothing about Carmelo Anthony who currently plays basketball for the New York Knicks. In fact, I know nothing about the upcoming NBA trades or who might be going where. However, I was recently skimming through the serious analysis of the Bull’s trade scenario as related by a fellow blogger (Chicago Bulls Confidential) who hinted at the fact that “Melo” (as they call him) could be coming to the Chicago Bulls. Although it's "pretty unlikely" some websites are reporting that there might be a smidgen of a chance for Melo to be picked up. Yes. From his pen to God’s ears. I'm hoping for the smidgen.

Q. Why would I be so excited with this sports blip, one might ask?

A. If Melo comes to Chicago, he will be obviously bringing his wife La La. Hallelujah.

Ok, if you haven’t heard anything about La La Anthony, let me tell you what I know.

Carmelo and La La Anthony

Carmelo and La La Anthony

First of all, I love her name: LA LA…it’s so musical. La La is an outspoken diva, not only as sports star arm candy – but she’s been grabbing the limelight on her own accord for some time now. An actress, entrepreneur, and author – she is popping up on talk shows and ta daaa – recently wrote a book titled "The Love Playbook" Rules for Love, Sex and Happiness. Perfect.

Wow – I just had a “light bulb moment.” If Melo and La La come to Chicago – I am going to call them MELALA. And guess which reigning twosome they will definitely replace as the new pizzazy, hopefully wacky, in the news, Sports Couple?

You guessed it: The Cutlers. Let’s face it, Jay and Kristen are flat. It’s been months since they’ve brought anything mildly entertaining to the table. Maybe it’s just because it’s the off season, or they’re cocooning in their North Shore digs waiting for baby #2 – whatever.

They gave us a good run for a while. Yes, Jay, the Bears pouting QB and the Reality TV star, Kristin Cavallari used to be a hoot. Remember the back and forth courtship, the texted proposal, crazy costumes and sitcom stints? It was fun while it lasted (and I wrote a lot about them) but lately they've been a yawn.

But I'm hoping that the excitement will definitely crank up if we can score MeLaLa. I’ve got a feeling that there’s going to be a lot of material with the two of them. Maybe not quite “Mayor of Toronto” material – but fun times just the same. Example: In her new book, La La makes it a point to DENY that former Celtic star, Kevin Garnett made the comment to her husband, Carmelo, that “she tasted like Honey Nut Cheerios,” which (did not?) result in an altercation between the two men. I rest my case. I would love to hang out with this woman.

So, please Bulls, do what you need to do to make that trade. I don’t know the money logistics of it, but maybe Derek can kick in some cash. (Don’t get me started.) It’s been a long winter…Chicagoans are bored. We need MeLaLa.

Now, as I am contemplating this possibility with fingers crossed, My Sports Guy walks into the room.

“What are you doing?” he seems mildly interested.

“Writing a blog.” I mumble.

“What is it about?” he is pretending to be interested.

“La La,” I answer.

“Alexi Lalas?” Now he is definitely interested.

“Nooooo…who is Alexi Lalas?” I am clueless.

He begins to tell much more than I ever want to know about this Alexi Lalas guy – former Soccer guy – US National team – blah blah.

“So what’s La La?” Lalapalooza? LA? Lalaland?”

“None of the above.” I thought he might keep guessing, but I could tell he was losing interest fast.

“Never mind, honey. Just do me a big favor, will you?” I am sweet talking. “Go online and sign my petition, pleazzzzz?”

“Petition for what?” he asks.

“MeLaLa." Just sign it. Trust me. I’ll make you a nice big sandwich.” Bribery always gets my way.

Anyway…Note to the Cutlers: Your joint spotlight could be fading.
La La La La… La La La La… Hey, hey, hey, Goodbye.


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