Jim Harbaugh Coach for the San Francisco 49ers Loses the Game but Sees the Light: Pleated Khakis No More

Finally, a story with a happy ending (well, except for that game loss): As you might have heard, Jim Harbaugh, head coach of the San Francisco 49ers football team, apparently had an obsession that was driving his wife Sarah crazy. Not drugs, booze, women, gambling or anything worthy of a sordid Enquirer headline, but nevertheless, something intolerable. He insisted on wearing pleated khaki pants.

not a good look

not a good look

Sarah clearly did not approve. It was not the khakis per se that was her bugaboo – but the down the front pleats that were the issue. Khakis sans pleats would be totally acceptable.

Seemingly, Sarah had begged and pleaded for her hubby to lose the pleats to no avail. Consequently, she had admitted to have actually thrown out many pairs of his beloved PK’s (Pleated Khakis) in an attempt to put her King in check.

Alas, not to be foiled by this “play action” the coach would just zoom over to Walmart and replace the $8.00 PK’s – still not heeding his wife’s anguished pleas.

In fact, a guy shopping at Walmart witnessed Harbaugh’s restocking excursion and took a photo of him with a bunch of PK’s in hand defiantly headed for the cashier.

caught red handed

caught red handed

Now, as I said, there are worse things in the world, and Jim’s fashion faux pas won’t tarnish his legacy. You can always photo-shop the family pictures and future generations won’t have a clue.

The point that I wish to make is that it is an interesting dilemma which confronted Sarah as the wife of a PK wearer and one that I can identify with. How a man looks – my opinion (like Sarah’s) is a direct reflection on his woman.

For example, whenever I spot a man with some sort of hideous look – I turn to My Guy and state, “See that man over there…clearly he does not have a woman in his life.”

Early on, My Guy didn't quite get my rationale, and would say something like, “Huh, why?”

“Because,” I would explain, “no self-respecting woman would let him out of the house with (fill in the blank.”) Example: a purple paisley shirt with orange plaid pants, or if he lived with a woman and he had that scraggly grey 12 inch greasy pony tail coming out of his otherwise bald head – she would have cut it off in the middle of the night 11 inches ago. And don’t even get me started on comb-overs from hell.

Now, I am lucky. My Guy is a very good dresser. He has a definite fashion sense and takes pride in his appearance. He usually asks me, “how does this look, or which shirt do you like,” etc. . So no worries, except – that one time – last year…

Extenuating circumstances led to My Guy sporting a look that one might say rivaled the PK’s to say the least.

He had broken his toe, which resulted in his having to wear shoes that would adapt to his injury. Unfortunately the shoes gave him blisters which he had to band-aid up and in addition, to avoid further rubbing he needed to wear socks.

His ultimate look? Shorts, Crocs, and Knee-Length white socks. Ugghhh. (Imagine Coach Jim on the sidelines with that get-up.)

Consequently, I felt myself explaining to everyone within eyesight the broken toe/blister story so as to validate his dorky look.

In the theater of my mind, everyone was thinking…For God sake, lady, how could you have let your man walk out of the house like that????

To which My Guy would repeatedly insist, “Relax, honey, the (bartender), (hot dog man), (hotel maid). (etc.) could care less.

Me: doubtful eyes rolling.

Back to Sarah and Jim: After all of her efforts, what was a wife to do? Go the P.E.T.A. route? With a gallon of paint sitting by the door? She was at the end of her rope.

So, I totally understand why she felt compelled to call into a CBS radio show and state – live – on the air - that she did not condone her husband’s geeky clothing obsession: i.e. PK's

And, voila, it worked. Her public airing got the coach’s attention like a ton of bricks.

He immediately ditched the PK’s and switched to the flat-iron front pleatless khakis (in spite of having to up the budget to $23.00 a pop).

He attributed his coming around to, “a happy wife is a happy life.” AWWWWWW. We love it.
And they lived happily ever after.

Side Note: His team The 49ers lost last night’s playoff game. Don’t even think that the team was jinxed by the coach not wearing his signature PK’s…that would be crazy. The truth is that he looked absolutely dapper on the sidelines – win or lose. I’m sure, in some small way, he is consoled by that. Super Bowl AND Happy Wife would have been great...but, oh well.

So, great job Sarah, you are an inspiration to us all. But please, don’t let Jim near a Crocs Store – he might just be the type to do a white socks combo. Just thinking> Defense.


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