Bring Back The Rotary Phone. No More Challenges, Please.

Is it just me, or is technology getting more and more challenging. It's hard to believe that rotary phones were a big challenge. I bet they didn't even come with a manual...just put your finger in the dial corresponding to the number that you want, and turn. Now, it's a different story and our tech gadgets are getting way out of hand. It is and will continue to be a huge challenge (for me) to keep up with our current technology, and it is making me crazy.

Some people love it and cannot wait to be the first in line to get the new version of anything. Not me. I’m exhausted.

I have seen the gamut over the years. Record players, 78’s, 33’s, 45’s…transister radios...cassette tapes…polaroid cameras…pong…pac-man…caller ID…calculators…VHS…Betamax…DVD…car phones…,beepers… fax machines…cell phones… smart phones…skype…facetime… the whole social media zoo…and now that damn wireless TV that you can watch in the back yard. It is all a huge-pain-in-the-ass challenge on a daily basis.

The User Friendly Rotary Phone

The User Friendly Rotary Phone

An example: Right now, my digital oven is displaying some weird code instead of the time – like a communication from aliens. If this is true, I am not interested. ET go home. And, the oven doesn’t work – because the “command center” is frozen with this garble. How will I cook the damn turkey on Thanksgiving? Challenging? Extremely.

The Maytag customer service representative says that it’s in some kind of “mode”. Yes it is. A challenging mode that is a plot to drive me insane. She said, “You need to have the model number before I can help you.”

I absolutely cannot find the manual, and I cannot find the model number on the door, the side, or anywhere. Not only do I want to put my head in the oven, because I can’t take it anymore – but now I have to put my head in the oven to try and find the number.

My Samsung tablet has stopped displaying my emails, it just keeps “looking” for them with that damn little circle that keeps going round and round.

I am challenged by the “Cloud”. Do I need a cloud? Do I already have a cloud?

My Words with Friends app stops sending my words when they are really high pointers.

MSN has stopped "working" again...Noooooooooo

The dashboard on my car has been displaying some “universal symbol” for something for months. I don’t know what it is trying to tell me…do I need a new air freshener?

Every day, all of these things are challenging my very last nerve.

I remember my mother telling me about her parents, and how they would lay in bed at night with some kind of homemade wire set that was a radio, and try to hear something being broadcast.. Did they get frustrated when all they heard was a bunch of static? I’m guessing Yes.

Were we challenged when we couldn’t jiggle the rabbit ears on our TV antennas to get a picture – even when we put tin foil on the ends? (There are a lot of you that have no idea whatsoever what I am talking about.)

Were we frustrated when the pay phone would swallow our money. Absolutely.

I rest my case, it will never end. It will always be something.

At some point in the future, I think that I am going to have to give up in order to preserve my sanity. I will be frozen in time, and refuse to have anything to do with any newfangled, challenging techno, state of the art anything from that moment on.

In fact, I think that I might put an end to the insanity right here and now –nothing new from now on. I am done. I am calling it – I am stopping with Pandora. (I love Pandora.) So excuse me while I go and listen to my Elvis station. I feel better already.

Note: This post was not about my usual "sports related" Mars and Venus stuff. It was done as a fun "challenge" where bloggers on ChicagoNow were asked to write about the same premise: Describe a Great Challenge. Check out what my fellow bloggers wrote on the same topic on ChicagoNow

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