Old Style Beer no longer a Wrigley Field tradition. We can only hope.

There is an online petition to keep Old Style beer at Wrigley Field home of the Chicago Cubs. Please, please do not sign it. Sorry , but I have a shameless and purely selfish reason for this request which I will get to shortly. Obviously, as the 2013 baseball season is coming to its finale, Cubs fans once again are forced to “wait until next year,” or “next decade,” or “sometime before we die,” to be caught up in World Series excitement. With that in mind, it is important that we now focus on the real concern at hand. Namely, Beer at Wrigley Field.

The Pabst Brewery (Old Style) and Anheuser-Busch (Budweiser) are fighting for position at Wrigley Field. The sentimental favorite is Old Style with it’s 63 years of partnership with the Cubs. But we all know that money talks and the Budweiser people are reaching into their deep pockets to become the exclusive beer vendor at The Friendly Confines, and it looks like that’s working. A deal reportedly has been cut.

However, it appears that the Pabst people are hanging in there with an online campaign which urges Old Style lovers to “sign the petition to save your tradition” at KeepOldStyleInWrigley.com. Again, please do not sign this. I'll explain.

Now, My Sports Guy has definitely been on Team Old Style, and I, of course, relate to any product with the word “old” in it. However, I recently had a light bulb moment. If Old Style is no longer sold at Wrigley Field, we could be sitting on a cash cow of valuable memorabilia.

What memorabilia? you might ask…here’s the story: My Beer Lover Sports Guy has been collecting Old Style beer cans – Collector’s versions with the Cub’s logo each year for umpteen years. They are unopened and presently taking up an entire kitchen cabinet. There is quite a stockpile. However, the inventory has diminished from time to time due to …we ran out of beer and someone was too lazy to go to the store, and that someone consumed collector Old Styles under the guise of emergency.

The Nest Egg

The Nest Egg

Back to the story. The previous Get Rich Plan Using Beer Cans devised by My Guy was to buy the collector cans every year and then when (not if) the Cubs win the World Series in that particular year, he would be the proud owner of several limited (?) edition beers with that year imprinted on the unopened can. Hallelujah. It would be equivalent to winning the lottery. He was positive.

Frequently, I would point out the lack of cabinet space for food products due to the overflowing collection, and propose the logical solution. “Honey,” I would question, “can you toss (silly me-I mean drink) last year’s collector cans since they obviously didn’t win the series for the 105th year in a row?” He would contemplate the rationale behind the request, but always firmly reply, “Nope, let’s just keep ‘em.” And I would concede as I have learned to pick my battles.

However, now I am realizing that he must have had some amazing psychic intuition. My Beer Hoarding Guy is the Nostradamus of sports memorabilia. Think about it. If Old Style and the Cubbies part ways, and their era at Wrigley Field ends…ALL of the cans from ALL of the years will be priceless. Woohoo.

My mind fast forwards to the two of us being on The Antique Road Show with a bushel barrel of our prized Old Style stash. The “vintage/limited edition beer can” expert will be telling us how rare our collection is and what a slice of historic Chicago baseball it represents, and blah blah blah. All the while, we will be clutching sweaty hands just waiting for him to cut to the chase. “How much, how much,” we will be mentally screaming.

And then, OMG. “Seriously?” “We had no idea they would be worth that much.” We will be gasping in disbelief upon hearing the mega figure beyond our wildest dreams.

Snapping back to the present moment, I am thinking when My Brilliant Guy walks into the kitchen and eyes the open cabinet door exposing our gleaming nest egg. Probably a little confused, he is staring at me. (I guess I am a little wild-eyed in anticipation of our upcoming windfall.)

“You’re not going to dump them are you?” he asks with The Look that translates to – please let’s not have this debate again.

“No, honey. Throw them out? Are you kidding me? Absolutely not. I’m calling Lloyds of London – these babies need to be insured. And I’m ordering a fireproof safe with a combination lock, just in case.”

I guess he was confused…he just walked out of the room shaking his head. (I’ll explain it all to him later.)

Thank you Old Style. We’ll miss you at Wrigley, but hopefully your priceless cans will live forever on EBay. Go Cubs.

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