Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari Guest Star In TV Show "The League" - Is There A Future Career Change For The Jayster?

I recently tricked My Sports Guy into watching a TV show, “The League” by telling him that it was a show about Jay Cutler. Jay Cutler and wife, Kristin Cavallari were guests stars, but it was actually a sitcom about a group of friends that play fantasy football. (My Guy is not a sitcom fan.)

Anyway, The Jayster made what I think might be his acting debut – playing himself. However, Jay Cutler playing Jay Cutler wasn’t very convincing. He was kind of blah, unanimated, and looked like he really didn’t want to be doing this….but wait, that is Jay Cutler in real life – what am I talking about? He aced the role.

So, it wasn’t exactly likely to be an Emmy worthy appearance. But, I am just saying that this acting thing could be a back-up career. Kristin’s already got it down (previously starring in “The Hills” and more). But seriously Jay, and I say this with love – you would need some tweaking to improve your acting skills – a little work for sure. And, again with love, just like on the field. Make a note: Off-season – acting lessons and then when you retire, you and Kristin could have your own sitcom – maybe even find a part for Urlacher to play. Just thinking ahead.

Back to “The League”…The story line was about one of the sitcom couples with their own baby meeting up briefly with the Cutlers and their baby (which was referred to in the show as the “Cutlet” – not making this up) on a toddler playground. Now, the sitcom couple are drooling and fantasizing with the idea that they are going to be friends for life – joined at the hip with the Sports Couple Phenom – the Ricardo’s and the Mertz’s all over again.

The reality is that they were just wannabes – the Cutlers blew them off and the reason actually involved a “farting” incident – I’m not making this up.

Anyway, how ironic is this – in the theatre of my mind – How long have I wanted us to be the couple that hangs out with the Cutler’s – we can be Fred and Ethel.

Didn’t I hope to get invited to their wedding?
Didn’t I think that Kristin would have been so grateful for the Valentine gift advice I gave Jay?
And, didn’t I think that we would have been sitting at their VIP table at their charity event for diabetes that we attended last July...not a problem - worthy cause. No…none of this has happened (yet), we are just biding our time. And the reason has had nothing to do with flatulence – we are classy people.

But, truthfully, it’s just a matter of time that Kristin and I will be BFF’s. In “The League” episode she was drinking Chardonnay while having a playdate with the babies – perfect – I know we would get along. And, My Sports Guy can’t wait to get one on one with Jay. He has some definite play action ideas that will – we are sure – catapult Jay and the team straight to the Super Bowl. Guaranteed.

In fact, Sunday, in the roller coaster ride against New Orleans – My Guy spent almost the entire game six inches from the TV screen. Pointing to the line-up and yelling at Jay to “roll out” or “hand off to Forte” or blah blah blah this way and that. Sometimes Jay would “listen” and My Guy would scream “I told you, didn’t I tell you…didn’t I call it?” And when Jay didn’t listen to his very loud adamant coaching and play calling, I would have to console him by saying, “He can’t hear you, honey.”
So, I keep telling My Frustrated Sports Guy that it’s just a matter of time and we will be hanging out with the Cutlers and you will have Jay’s undivided attention.

And, I knew that he finally was thinking about that when he said, “Maybe we can meet up with them at the playground.” And, then after a long contemplative pause, he added…”So we need to borrow a baby.”

Breaking News: Just saw that Kristin Cavallari will be downtown Chicago Thursday hosting an event for Ulta and Breast Cancer Research...Pioneer Court 401 N Michigan 12 - 1pm. Yours truly will definitely be there supporting this great cause and hopefully getting together with Kristin (finally) - join us!

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