Bobbleheads and Baseball Equal Money in the Bank: Note to the Ricketts Once Again

Who doesn’t love, love, love a bobblehead doll? Big heads on tiny toy bodies. Boing, boing, bobble, bobble. Apparently everyone loves them. So, after reading a very informative article on this phenomena – I will once again – pass on this inside scoop (yes, more absolutely free marketing advice) from yours truly to the down and out Chicago Cubbies.

Granted, too late for this season – nothing can save this season – but Rickett’s family (owners of the Cubs) please take note:

Guess what free give away on game days has proven to remarkably increase attendance on ballparks across the country??? Not t-shirts, not visors, but – yes – you guessed it…Bobblehead Dolls!

Do you know what the increase in attendance was when the Seattle Mariners gave away 20,000 Ken Griffey, Jr. dolls on August 10th? 50% - Wow. Cha-Ching.

Now, the Cubs did give away some Bobbleheads throughout the season …they did an Anthony Rizzo, a Darwin Barney, an Edwin Jackson and just a couple of others, but I am guessing, based on the statistics that they need to increase. Our Cubs need all the help that they can get.

So, tell the sponsors (that pay for the freebies) that it’s Bobbleheads or nothing. What do they care?

Make it Bobbleheads every game day. It’s a cash cow. And, when you run out of players, you can do what the Royals did…they had a Mr. Ketchup Bobblehead, a Mr. Mustard Bobblehead, and a Mr. Relish Bobblehead. There are no rules. The fans will be racing to Wrigley Field wanting to get their Condiment Dolls.

On a personal note, even though My Sports Guy and I go to a lot of games, our prized collection of memorabilia freebies number Zero. I know, pretty pathetic.

The reason being is that we are always late. The best that we have ever managed (and hardly ever) is to be on time for the start of a game. However, as everyone knows, in order to score a give-away you have to be early.

It’s always the first 10,000 or maybe 20,000 that get the goods.

Just then, My Sports Guy walks into the room.

“Honey, do you remember last year how really disappointed you were when we were late (as usual) and didn’t get the Joaquim Noah Bobblehead Doll at the Bulls game?”

He gives me a long look, meaning…”What the hell brought that up?” But after a reflective pause, gave me a definite reply with a sigh: “Yeah.”

There…you heard it.

I sympathized, but couldn’t help but thinking that maybe it’s a good thing. Would he have wanted to display a Bobblehead Collection in the rear window of his car? Or worse yet, on the fireplace mantel? Yuk.

Anyway, hope the Rickett’s take my latest “heads-up” on marketing tactics. Your welcome. No charge.

Oh, and while we’re talking about it…how about a couple of promos where the >LAST 10,000 through the gates get the prize?

Also, remember – you can think out of the box…I’d really like to see a George Clooney head bobbling in a Cub’s uniform. Now that I might put on the mantel. Just thinking.

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