Derrick Rose: There Is No Letter I in TEAM. Are You In Or Out? Looks Like You're Out.

Dear Derrick, It’s now or never. Do you get it? Second Round of the NBA playoffs, YOUR TEAM the Chicago Bulls facing the Miami Heat. Yes, we had a devastating loss on Wednesday, but we can put that behind us and win 3 out of 5.

Reports of No-Rose tonight. Guess you are at the bus station headed for Canada (like a 1960's draft dodger)... Shame on you.

YOUR TEAM is struggling because they are crippled – legitimately crippled. But wait, it doesn’t seem like you’re really a member of that hard working, hard playing, dedicated TEAM anymore. You’re just a suit on the sidelines.

What do you think when you are standing there pretending to be a TEAM member? Do you see how your TEAM is playing their hearts out – I’m sure they are wishing that you were there to help.

Luol Deng is back in practice after a week in the hospital – severe complications from a spinal tap procedure – lost 15 lbs. and he is hoping to be able to play again. He's excused.

Kirk Hinrich – calf injury so severe that he is in need of a second MRI. He's excused.

Derrick, you have been cleared by your doctors as able to play for months now. You are no longer excused.

Remember when I was supportive with your physical and mental healing process in a maternal way – remember my shout out post to you…”Derrick Rose I Am Worried About You and So Is Your Mom?” Well, that was then and this is now. Now it’s time from a “mom’s” standpoint to kick in the “Tough Love.”

“Listen to me, Derrick, you put your Number 1 uniform on and get back on that court and give it your very best and you help and support your TEAMMATES – it’s time. Do you hear me? I mean it.

Enough already – YOUR TEAM needs you - they have gotten this far without you - but to move toward the championship - your playing would make the difference. That’s why YOUR TEAM plays all year, and if they don’t make it – at least the fans need to know that the TEAM gave it their all.

Side note to Coach Tom Thibodeau: Kick your star-bird Derrick out of the nest – he knows he can fly…and you know he can fly…and his doctors know he can fly..period. Do baby bird Derrick a favor – otherwise, this will be a sad black mark on his career forever. Copping out. Not good.

Derrick, we love you – but listen up: As a mom would say..."Get your stellar ass out there and take your position on the Chicago Bulls 2013 NBA Playoff TEAM – Be proud and give it your all. Win or lose. Your TEAM needs you.'

And, if you don’t, I am calling your mother, I swear.

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