Brian Urlacher Jerseys Saved From The Goodwill Pile

Ever since Brian Urlacher began his negotiations with the Bears, I have been duly concerned about the fate of the Brian Urlacher #54 Jerseys owned by tens of thousands of Bear’s fans. If you are at Soldier Field, or for that matter, at any sports bar in the city on a Bear’s game day, what do you see? I am guessing …2 out of 3, maybe 3 out of 4 Bear’s jerseys worn are Urlacher - #54 everywhere.

It has definitely been the choice of the masses. Who’s jersey was somehow fitted on the dinosaur outside the Field Museum the last time our Bears made it to the Super Bowl? I rest my case.

A while ago, while watching a sportscast about Brian shopping around for another team that would meet his megabucks wish list, I was visibly annoyed.

Misinterpreting my reason for aggravation, my Sports Guy gave me a sympathetic hug.

“I know honey, you’re really going to miss him, aren’t you?” he asked with an awwwww tone.

“Not the issue.” I replied.

“What’s my pet peeve?” I asked.

“Well…you have a lot of them. Let me guess. Inappropriate sports attire?” He knew where this was headed.

“Exactly.” I state emphatically. And, as I start to go through my predictable rant, as usual, he rolled his eyes and exited the room.

“I‘m going to take a nap,” he announced.


The reality is – I knew what would happen if Urlacher went to play for the Cowboys (or any other team). His name and new number would, of course, be on that team’s jersey.

But, without a doubt, a huge percentage of Bear’s fans would still be wearing their Brian Urlacher #54 jerseys. Why? Just because they have them and they don’t understand the protocol. He’s with another team, people. This would be so wrong.

Listen up. Once a player has left and gone to another team, that’s it. Pack away the Urlacher jersey in mothballs along with the Rex Grossman jersey, the Amir Asik’s Bull’s jersey and the Fukudome headband.

But, if a player retires after playing for Chicago…well, that is an entirely different story. Get it?

Actually, I have been thinking about this jersey issue for a while. ..Wondering what direction Brian’s career would take after my Sports Guy and I ran into him one night, by chance, in the bar at Gibson’s.

Brian and I chatted very briefly. I gave him my card, told him he might like to read my blog, and of course, I am sure that went right to the very top of his priority list. Ha Ha.

I felt that he looked a little “down,” so I said, “We love you Brian.”

He said, “Nobody loves me,” and walked away.

But now, the news is out, he is retiring as a Chicago Bear's Legend, and he will know that all of Chicago does love him, wearing Urlacher jerseys (appropriately via his retirement) for years to come. If you don’t have one, go buy one. Great player. Great career.

And while we are on the subject of Sports Jersey Shopping: Go with a classic Chicago player. Walter Payton, Ernie Banks, Michael Jordan, Stan Mikita, etc., and now we can add Brian Urlacher to the famed list. Perfect.

However, and pay attention here, please, please, please, do not wear an Urlacher jersey to a Cubs, Sox, Bulls, or Hawks game. Ever.

This should be fundamental, but we all know that this is a rule violation that is epidemic, and when I see you “cross-dressing,” between sports venues I will look at you with disdain.

So, if you are not sure about your sportswear choice, please avoid possible embarrassment. Contact me.

I will be more than glad to give you a free consultation. No problem. It’s my mission.

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