Jay Cutler: Happy Birthday and By The Way Anxiously Awaiting My Invitation to Your Wedding


May I extend my very best wishes to Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears Quarterback on his 30th Birthday…Jay and his fiancé Kristin have been my focus for a while now. Let me explain: Ever since I wrote the gentle (yet prodding) blog with just a hint of reprimand to Jay, remember, he texted his recent proposal to baby mama Kristin Cavallari (sorry Kristin – I hate that label, too). It was Valentine’s Day and I felt he needed some direction in being a tad more romantic.

Anyway, after that, I swear, I was being literally haunted by the glam couple. Shortly after the blog was posted, I started getting emails from them. The truth. OK – the emails didn’t exactly say…Dear Peggy, we loved your blog, let’s get together sometime. Love, Jay, Kristen and Baby Camden XO

It was more like Jay Cutler and Kristen Cavallari would like to show you some of their favorite things – with endorsements for different places and items. Hmmmm.

It was fine – I don’t think that it was meant to be “commercial” at all – just a way for them to reach out to me personally…pretty sure.

Although a side note to Kristen: Regarding the photos in your “These are our favorite things emails” – you look smashing, of course, but your Jay – not so much. Some kind of plaid funky jacket and a very crumpled (maybe slept in) shirt. I’m sure you are working on his image – you’ve allowed him to keep the scruffy beard – trade-offs – but apparently he is kicking and screaming wanting to have his way as you peruse his closet for better clothing options. Men. Hang in there. Baby Steps. Eventually you will be able to mold him into a fashion-worthy mate. And the “costumes” worn for his birthday party. I’m sure you would have picked something classy like Gatsby and Daisy or even, even if you wanted to get a little funky – Sonny & Cher would have been a better look.

Now, getting back to our story – I am believing in the synchronicity of our recently entwined lives. Why? Because, every magazine and paper I pick up – there you are. Cutler everywhere (Cavallari not so much, but still). Coincidence? I don’t think so. It’s more like the universe is trying to bring us together.

Case in point: One Saturday morning (after being out late the night before), wanting to sleep in, but I felt compelled to grab the remote and switch from My Guy’s sports station to – voila – a show devoted to none other than Kristin Cavallari – being interviewed by Juliana Rancic.

OMG – this is so bizarre, I think to myself. I am mesmerized – fixated on the entire show, being filmed in the new suburban home of Jay and Kristen.

I listen to the whole detailed life of the soon to be Mrs. Cutler – her childhood, her high school debut into reality TV – what was it Laguna something, and then Hills something. Note: I am not of the MTV generation – so this is all a little bleary, but I get the idea. Then, her past loves (which she states “pale in comparison” to the love at first sight romance with Jay). Then blah blah about her love of acting – she admits she hasn’t done much, but the remake of “Revenge of the Nerds” should count for something, right?

Then, the conversation fast forwards to her present life. Her transition from a “party girl” to her present domesticity. How wonderful it is and how her role as a wife and a mom is first and foremost. Admirable.

She talks about her shoe and jewelry designing, and it seems that she has commingled her family and career into a perfect blend. Sigh. She takes Juliana on a tour of the baby’s room – and then the conversation turns to the upcoming wedding (she does talk about the text proposal in a humorous tone).

She tells Juliana that they want to keep the wedding smallish – maybe just 160 or so. (I hear this and I store it in my brain.)

She says they have a date, but she is keeping it a secret.

Of course, TMZ has already reported that they are registered at Crate & Barrel and Williams Sonoma and the date is JULY 13th.

My theory: The Cutlers are trying to connect with me. I think that when they started sending me their emails, they had implanted one of those “subliminal message flashes” that are on the screen so fast that you can’t see it – but your brain records it. It probably said, “Watch Kristin’s interview at 8:30 AM on Sunday”. And, like a zombie, my brain woke me up and compelled me to watch the entire show.

So, as all of this computes – and I realize the probably “programmed” synchronicity of it all…OH, I forgot to mention that Jay Cutler was the quarterback on my fantasy team last year. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Anyway, it hits me. “Honey, listen to me, this is important,” I shout out to My Sports Guy who is deeply entranced in some sports page online.

“What?” he barely mumbles, uninterested.

“Save the date – July 13th. We are going to Jay Cutler’s wedding,” I announce.

But then I remember that Kristen had said that they were keeping the invitee list down to 160sh. Which means that it might be possible that the invitation won’t read “Peggy and Guest.” Surmising if there is a choice between Greg Olsen and My Sports Guy – kind of a no contest? Oh well.

I continue, “I think I am going to get them the fish tweezers and cereal bowls (items they requested on their wedding registry).

My Guy pops up and says, “What the bleep is a fish tweezers?”

“No clue, I say, “but I am certain that the universe is connecting me and Jay and Kristen.”

“Why would that be?” he asks in a tone that translates to he is doubting my sanity.

“It’s a sign,” I explain. “We had fish for dinner.”

“And, by the way, Kristen and Jay’s wedding date is 7-13-13,” I proclaim, deciding to give him an insight to the mysteries of the universe.
Lucky Numbers. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Prediction of a Super Bowl Win? It's all connected. You heard it here first.

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