I Am the Worst Blackhawk Fan and I Am Sorry About That, But I Think I Better Stick to Shopping

Watching Windy City Live this morning, (a Chicago based talk show), Val, one of the hosts, yells “And how about those Blackhawks!”  The audience goes wild – something happened that I apparently missed.  Amid the cheering, I strained to get a clue.  Now, I know that the Hawks have been winning- they are on some kind of streak – obviously record breaking – and I am truly happy for this.

It just really, really annoys me that the one Chicago team that is flying off the charts is our hockey team – and, OK, I am just going to say it…I  don’t like hockey.  Nope.  Just can’t get into it.  I have tried…blue line, icing, fist fights and all but just never became interested.  I have gone to games (although not for years) and past the rousing national anthem – it’s ho hum for me. Can’t explain this. Maybe it's too fast, I can't follow the little puck.  Consequently, I haven’t watched a game in years – probably since they won the Stanley Cup a few years ago, when I might have watched a teeny bit of the last game.

Regarding that last championship –My Guy and I were two of the zillion people that crammed downtown for the victory parade and that was a fun time – so I need to get back on the Hawk’s Party Wagon, and not feel guilty about it.

 Just a side note, I recently had a “sports conversation” with my new podiatrist.  This is a very rare topic of communication between two females.  She actually brought up sports in our  doctor/patient getting to know you chit chat…she is a real fan so, we talked about Chicago baseball – the usual Cubs vs. Sox, Bulls, and Bears, and I told her about my blog.  We were "talking the talk".

Now, In the world of women, this is about as rare as two men who have just met, talking about a shoe sale – do you get this?  Anyway, it was interesting (and that is why I am mentioning this),  because we both concluded that hockey was at the very bottom of our mutual priority lists. 

OK – wait…I forgot about something.  I yelled out to My Sports Guy in the other room, “Honey, what’s the name of that Chicago Soccer Team again?”

 C h i c a g o   F I r e.  He slowly and very loudly replies, as if he has had to answer this question before. 

I knew that…but in giving this some thought, the Hawks and Fire are pretty much neck and neck in the running for last place on my sports of interest list.  But, in all fairness soccer is a whole other story.  Hockey is just soccer on ice kinda sorta. Anyway, Bulls, Bears and Cubs are all I can handle.  But, I digress.

Now that I am determined to try and be a real legitimate fan, I dig out my one and only piece of Blackhawks Sport Apparel:  A very dingy white tee shirt with the big Indian head logo and the proud statement…88-89 NORRIS DIVISION CHAMPIONS.  Seriously, probably the last game that I went to and doing the math – this shirt is 25 years old.  (I wonder what I could get for it on e-bay.)            

Now, My Sports Guy appears and I declare that I will be watching the Blackhawk game with him the next time they play.

“You don’t like hockey,” he replies.

“I am going to learn to like it, I am going to be getting excited,” I say convincingly.

“Whatever,” and he adds, “tonight.”

“There is a game tonight?  OK – I am in.”  I am now looking for color-safe bleach for my shirt.  It is going to have to soak for hours.

Then, I have a truly horrible light bulb moment.  Since I haven’t watched any of their games – what if I finally watched the game tonight and they LOSE! OMG.  I could totally jinx them.  Their streak would be ended and I would be responsible.  (Real fans are very superstitious like this – remember the goat.)

It’s decided.  I absolutely cannot watch any Blackhawk games.  I would be the Steve Bartman of hockey. 

So, in the interest of my team, I will make the sacrifice.  I think I’ll go shoe shopping.  Go Hawks!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

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