I am a hot woman. Sizzling hot!  I am the “ I can’t believe you’re married with kids” kind of hot...  Actually, no, not at all, I just wanted to say that for fun. I do however; have a hot interest in marriage and the complicated world of women.

I am married to a very lucky and handsome guy who supports and deals with my unscientific observations about women –and my own-, every single day. This wonderful husband of mine and I have three little turtles (boy, girl and boy again) that we adore, take long walks with and read books to almost every single night.

Yes, what you thought about women being awesome, complicated, difficult, hard on each other, jealous, and not knowing what they want is not a myth; it is the real, painful and mysterious truth. Fortunately, there is also an impressive, strong and beautiful side of women that is also true.

So, while I take this space to talk about all the good and the ugly stuff about being married or single, using a witty, honest and realistic opinion, please take a deep breath and know that I’m not telling anyone what to do, I’m just sharing an opinion. Who knows, it may help you if you’re married, or maybe you can learn something while you're crushing the competition as you look for your prince.

Life can be awesome ladies, drama free and without many complications -even with other women around-, especially if you realize that there’s no happily ever after. You work for it and enjoy it!