This is (one of the reasons) why I love my husband

I would like to share my morning happiness. Happiness is contagious, so I hope that after reading this post you pick up the phone, send a text or an e-mail to someone that you love.

I was very focused, working on this week’s post (which by the way, has now been saved for later), when I decided to pick up the phone and call my husband. When he answered, I heard he was busy and I asked him to call me back, but he refused and asked me to wait for a moment. I did, and once he got back on the phone, he said something very sweet and meaningful to me:

Me: Bebe, you sound too busy.

Husband: Just got out of meeting and we were talking here, about furthering my education.

Me: (Laughs) That’s what I tell you, maybe it’s time to listen. So how are you doing besides that?

Husband: Good. Hey, I’ve been thinking a lot about you this morning.

Me: Oh, that’s good (note my sweet voice here).

Husband: Well, I’ve been thinking about you but not in a good way, not good things.

Me: Oh no, that’s not good then (in a oh-oh tone).

Husband: No, I'm joking. I was thinking about everything that you do for us. God forbid something ever happened, I’ll take care of you, always. I'll never leave you alone and will take care of you.

Me: (silent, because my eyes got watery). Oh...

Husband: I know that sometimes you get mad and think that I don’t care, but I do, I’ll do everything to take care of you.

Me: Bebe you just made my day (crying, reaching out for a tissue to blow my nose).

Husband: I love you so much.

Me: Me too and thank you (in a crying, giggly tone) I’ll make sure I take care of myself now so hopefully nothing will happen, but also so I can take care of you too.

Husband: You take care of me now (laughing).

Me: (Laugh) True, well, that’s fine, then I’ll continue to make coffee for you every morning.

Husband: Oh bebe, the coffee this morning was so perfect!

Me: Really? It was super strong. Wasn’t it?

Husband: No, it was perfect, like, Starbucks good coffee.  It was sooooooo good!

Me: I’m glad you like it. I paid attention to how I made it, so I’ll try it tomorrow too. You let me know if it tastes as good.

Husband: Oh yes please. It was perfect!

..... and then we continue talking about his pants that need to be altered and dinner at his mom’s.

So why is this so meaningful to the point that I was brought to tears? Well, first, because yes, I cry for everything, even with the diaper commercials with cute babies on TV. I’m just an all day, anytime emotional person. But this is why it's important to me: I strongly believe that when you have someone special you need to tell them how much and why you love them, as many times as you can, in all the ways possible. Yes, it helps in keeping the relationship strong, but also, because life takes many turns and you’ll never know if you’ll get a chance to do it tomorrow. It also helps so when the bad times come, the insecurities arise and you start wondering why you are with someone, those reminders of why and how much I love you help getting over the bump easier. To hear him reaffirm that he’ll always be there for me, out of the blue, just like he did when we got married a long time ago, was just beautiful. My heart got swollen with love and emotions; what he said meant I love you now and I’ll love you then. He got me.

That’s why it was (teary) meaningful to me. We can’t never have enough declarations or reaffirmations of love, so if you have the opportunity, pick up the phone, send a text or an e-mail and let someone know how special they are to you, now and then.


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