No plans for Valentine's Day yet? Don’t panic, you can still save the day

Do you know what day is tomorrow? No gift yet? I am so sad to inform you, but you have just become part of a seasonal statistic: According to a survey by the NPD Group, 47 percent of men wait until the last minute to buy a gift, compared to one in three women who also wait until the last minute. Being part of the statistic may not make you popular with your spouse, regardless, under no circumstances you should let that make you a bad (spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend) Valentine. So in case you happen to not have a gift, or big plans for the lovely day, here are some things that you can still do and come up as a true Valentine champion in front of your other half.

With all the best restaurants in town fully booked and all the flower shops unable to guarantee delivery by tomorrow, let’s waste no time and spring into action.  Wallets out, please.

First things first:

  1.  Get a sitter. Now! - If you have kids you must find a sitter. Part of the special day is to be able to spend time with your loved one ALONE, far from the crying, toy flying and children feeding. Even though all children are as sweet as honey, it would be best if we don’t have the reaffirmation of love or the long kiss interrupted by the screeching voice in the background wanting to go pee. If you’re already thinking that you’re going to celebrate Valentine’s as a family, not cool because you can do that any other day during family or movie night. If it’s not an option, then kids to bed early. Preferably, find a sitter and aim for a lovely, steamy night without kids. You’ll be happy you did.
  2. Buy a gift - You need to have a gift. Ask the boss for a one-hour plus lunch or early departure so you can get something from a decent place. Think in advance about where you want to go so you won’t spend any time going around from place to place. To avoid complications, stay away from buying clothing, lingerie and shoes, unless you know exact size and item that your spouse wants. Jewelry is always a good option for women. For men, cigars or sports wear. Keep in mind that this last minute gift buying may incur unexpected expenses such parking and expensive gifts.  Oh dear, if you had only planned in advance...
  3. Send and invitation - Tomorrow is a day to do things you don’t do everyday. Once you decide what you want to do, send an invite ( is a good option) or a text to your loved one. Send a fun or sexy message enticing your Valentine. Send whatever you like just make it fun, you don’t do this everyday! (maybe you do, but in case you don’t, make this invitation stand out).

Now, let’s get to the important stuff that can be turned into something really wonderful and special:

  1. Go out for a movie - This can be much fun, specially if you plan carefully (you still have 12+ hours). Make it a true Valentine’s date night. Go online and buy tickets IN ADVANCE, have a drink after of before that. Make it casual, yet special. It may only be a movie date, but if you say the right words, treat your loved one super special it has the potential to become a memorable movie night.
  2. Lunch - Who said dinner is the only way to go on Valentine's Day? Do something different, especially If you already tried making a dinner reservation and didn’t succeed; making a lunch reservation may be easier and still a good option. To make it special you can bring flowers or ask the restaurant to serve a special dessert with a little heart or something. Enjoy while telling your spouse why you’re so in love with him/her.
  3. Flowers + love note - Nothing beats flowers. They are the gift to get and give on Valentines (bouquets for women, up to you to deliver a plant -like an orchid or bonsai tree to your boyfriend or husband’s office). How do you make it better? Well, you need to guarantee their delivery, right? I suggest you get them and deliver them yourself. This is easy; you can go to any supermarket (think costco, mariano’s, treasure island, whole foods) and pick many different flowers and make them into a bouquet (forget about the roses, they are so overrated). Find a ribbon (Walgreens?), make the biggest bow you can and deliver them. Make it special by surprising your loved one by showing up at home or work with flowers. Don’t forget the thank you kiss and squeeze. In case you’re not able to do it, go the extra mile and call your friend or anyone that can do it for you. The extra effort will make it special.
  4. Still want to go for the chocolates? Fine, just don’t go to the corner store to get them. Godiva or Vosges are a good option. Not much to say about this since it’s not my favorite option. Love chocolates though. Do this as a “complementary” gift, definitely not as a single one. Your call.
  5. Can’t get out of the house?  Prep the house then. The bedroom, specifically. If you are not able to leave the house and find a sitter for your kids, the celebration will have to wait until the kids go to bed (early, I may add). Then, kick into celebration mode!  Buy or prep some finger food, buy some wine and lock yourself in the bedroom to talk, touch and have fun. The night will be young, take advantage!
  6. Get hotel room - If you’re feeling lucky, try making a reservation at any of the hotels downtown. This is the complete package. What would make it special is if you can spend the night there. Order room service and enjoy the moment (and each other) any way you can.

I’m sure there are more things that you can do to have a special celebration, or maybe you don’t need to do anything because being with that person one more day is especial enough. Whatever the case, make an effort. A little bit of extra love or attention from your other half one day out of the year doesn’t hurt, regardless how much you like or dislike Valentine’s Day.

All in the name of love. Have a super special Valentine’s Day!


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