The New Year’s Resolution That I Wish Other Women Would Make Their Own

Post originally published on 12/30/13

I have to confess:  I’m not part of the 8% of people in this country that make New Year’s resolutions and sticks to them. I’ve just never been into that because I simply prefer to tackle things in an “as needed basis”. This year though, thanks to what seems to be an epidemic in certain parts of the city, I want to make a new year’s resolution, not on my behalf, but in hopes that other women, married, single or divorced, would read and decide to take this resolution as their own. And although none of my business, I think it would do some women –and the general public, well.

For all women in this town and for those that this post may reach (I hope far and many) the New Year’s resolution is... are you ready?


To all those lovely ladies that sometimes quickly run out of their house wearing pajamas, this is the resolution for you. To those that have managed to convince themselves that they don’t have time to spruce up a bit before stepping out of their house, please consider making this your New Year’s resolution. No, you don’t know me, but please, I beg to reconsider those dressing habits and please, pretty please, sugar on top, p-l-e-a-s-e   s-t-o-p.

According to Google dictionary, pajamas are a suit of loose pants and jacket or shirt for sleeping in (if you’re not that fancy, a one-piece pajama is also part of the definition). That's easy to understand right? Pajamas are something created to wear most of the time at night, when you’re ready to go and rest in the arms of Morpheus. Pajamas are definitely not something designed to wear when going to the grocery store, when dropping off kids at school, when walking down the street with the significant other, nor when you’re traveling, and much less to parade in front of other people as if you were wearing the coolest outfit; comfortable yes, but definitely not eye candy.

It’s not that I suddenly became a fashion consultant or that I was magically appointed as the new fashion police for all the women I often see wearing ugly, worn out pajamas. Nope. There are very simple reasons why I’m advocating for this New Year’s resolution to be considered by my gender colleagues:

Reason #1: It’s painful to witness. It’s not a physical pain, but it is a very unpleasant visual discomfort that I think no one should be part of in any way. Think about it: you sleep in your pajamas and when you sleep, you roll and collect everything from your bed that can stick to your PJs. Yucky as yucky can get. You drool, you touch... Yucky to the millionth power. So I guess it’s only natural that when we see a lady wearing a pajama, those thoughts of what that pajama has been going through at night, is just not an image we want to have instantly implanted in our head. I don’t. I like clean thoughts –when it comes to pajamas only, of course.

Reason #2: Your mom wants you to be clean. Yes, you wash your hands right before you eat and after you go to the restroom (you do, right?)  To be fair, maybe you were wearing clean pajamas the day you decided to wear them in public. Maybe you had just pulled them out of the dryer. So it was easy just to grab them. Nobody knows that and I’m sure no one cares to go around asking people to smell their clean pajamas; not that anyone would want to smell them either.  Imagine if you’re walking down the street and your mom sees you. She would be mortified and I’m sure you don’t want that. Then she would tell all your siblings, that would be mean and you would never hear the end of it.

Reason #3: It will do you good. We know the things that get us in a good mood and looking presentable (lipstick on, hair combed, clean face, ironed clothes, etc.) is definitely one of them. Being comfortable with how you look and what you’re wearing – even if it’s a $10 dollar target dress or pants (clearance rack, obviously) is priceless. Wearing a pajama that you took the time to find and then wear with those ugly furry boots can easily be exchanged for a pair of jeans, a decent blouse or something nice. Anything beats a pajama. Some may say that having to plan what to wear is a task that requires time, planning, and a great effort. That’s not true. Realistically, anyone can take 10 minutes to pick something out of the closet to wear, even if you woke up late and the kids and husband are already waiting in the car. An old friend always said it was better to be late than to look and feel ugly. I agree. You can always apologize and people will understand, just don’t abuse it. Oh, and one more thing:  your significant other will appreciate the fact that you look pretty.

Let’s accept it: wearing pajamas out in public does not do anyone favors, especially women. And let’s be clear: this is not about being worried regarding what other people think of you. Forget everyone, including me. It’s for you. It’s all about you. It’s feeling great, comfortable regardless of where you are, who you’re with and what size you are. It’s about looking and feeling great.

As for the exception to the rule, yes, of course it even applies here; no need to be all rigid when it comes to wearing comfortable pajamas. In the house we can wear them all day long, especially during those lazy, winter days when we don’t feel like going out to freeze our cheeks or if you want to avoid any attention from the boyfriend or husband.  If you’re wearing the ‘other kind’ of pajamas (read: short shorts, low cut PJs), then we’re talking something different. But if we’re in the house and because it’s our kingdom and no one can tell us what to wear, I say wear them. I do. Ugly as heck, but comfortable as comfortable can get.

For me, the day has yet to come when I’ll run out of clothes (I pray for that to never happen) and will need to wear my PJs in public. Yes, I have committed the crime and have walked 10 ft out my front door wearing the pajamas that I exaggeratedly like (they were on my birthday gift wish list, so you can imagine how much I love them). Yes I have done it; what? I had to get my Sunday paper! Good thing is that I’ve done it very early in the morning when all my neighbors are still sleeping. So technically I committed no crime because no one saw me. I’m sure. I have a big fence that protects me from providing that ugly sight to any passersby.

We all like our PJs. They’re not bad; they’re just not the appropriate piece of clothing to wear in public. I’m thinking that even though this is not a resolution for me, I can still unite to the cause and do something to be part of the movement, so how about shopping for new pajamas? I like that idea. I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but I think that pajama shopping can be something that I can definitely do in the New Year; actually I can do shopping any time of the year. Who needs a resolution for that? Happy 2014!




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