Five Naughty Things Couples Can Do To Warm Up In This Weather

Baby, it is cold outside! So what are couples to do if the my-cheeks-will-freeze-if-I-go-out weather keeps them from enjoying the outdoors? Nothing complicated, only simple and spontaneous adult activities way more fun than dinner and movie night, which for sure, will get them to warm up together as we all patiently wait for the summer temps.

I know, you’re probably thinking: but why? If the only thing I want to do is hibernate in front of the TV and eat delicious takeout food as I fight over the remote control with my honey (don’t forget the background noise courtesy of the kids, dogs and everything else happening at home).  So sorry, but let me put a break to all that fun because according to higher academic research powers, couples that engage frequently  in naughty activities – say sex inducing fun,  tend to have happier and stronger relationships. It is a simple chain of events: the more time couples spend together, the closer they get; the closer they get, the more frequent sex they have; the more sex they have, the happier they get!  Oh, it sounds like I just found the perfect recipe to love winters even more.

All right. Feel like warming up? So then let’s move on to the 5 things that couples can do to make it through this lovely Chicago winter (once summer is here, we can talk about how to keep up the heat – but one thing at a time please):

1.      Start the day by texting- I mean, sexting: According to this is the “modern day love letter”. My grandmother would disagree, but I won't argue with her. Sexting is a fun way to flirt and build anticipation for what may happen next time you see your loved one.  However, if just the thought of doing this makes you uncomfortable because this is new territory for you and your honey, start slow, test the waters and see how you guys feel about it; the tone can always be modified at a level you feel more comfortable. Send photos along with the dirty texting? It is really up to you; just keep in mind that they may end up into the wrong hands and things will turn steamy but for other reasons. Instead, play with words good enough to provide a good idea about what you would like to do.

2.      Watch porn together – Before you even say a word and turn on the TV or computer, please close (and lock) your door, leave all judgment outside and enjoy the show. Let things develop and be open (no pun intended) to experiencing something new. Remember this is just a movie, but if at any point doing this with your other half makes you feel insecure or uncomfortable, turn it off and if possible, talk about it. You may want to give it another try later, who knows, you may learn something from the experts.

3.      Rent a hotel room just for a few hours – Get out of the ordinary, forget about your bedroom.  Can the sitter stay home a bit late? Can you leave work a bit earlier? Then definitely try it. It's spontaneous, affordable and just a great way to plan a quick, surprise date. You’ll love it.

4.      Have a quickie – Couples speak a different and stress-free language when they are intimate more often, and this is a great way to get into that mode. Quickies are fun, exciting, and definitely naughty. There is no need to plan, set up a romantic dinner or make anything complicated. This will be time well spent, so much that the day will look brighter after you do it. Also, it is guaranteed that you’ll be drooling over each other for the rest of the day. 

5.      Buy yourself a “surprise box”  – There are online services where you can get a subscription and receive a box with ‘surprises’ every month, or as often as you want. These surprises range from simple date ideas to very adult-only activities that can spice up your days. It’s like a sensual planned date in a box; all you need to do is open it, read directions and execute right after you put the kids to bed.

...And that ends the list. Are you still cold? Wait, don’t go and grab another blanket, instead locate your honey and spring into action. As you read, you can get started remotely. But if you are still unsure about what to do or still a bit cold, maybe you need to go over the list again and pick the one thing you can do later today, because from what I heard from the meteorologists in town, baby, it will continue to be cold outside.  Stay warm.


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