The Daily Multivitamin for Couples

Have you heard about the “Daily multimultivitamin for couples?” It exists and oh, it is g-o-o-d. Actually, saying that this multivitamin is good is an understatement; it’s great! You can take it as often as you want, it is not bad for you, and most importantly, it helps you bond with your other half.

Say hello to the daily kiss, one of the most powerful bonding acts that couples can adopt as a regular, healthy habit. If you believe on doing things for your relationship -that although small, are impactful and beneficial for you, kissing frequently is definitely one of them; just like taking a multimultivitamin every day.

I’m not talking about the hot steamy kisses you see in the movies or the ones that drunk and fun couples share with the world during their public make-out sessions; those are awesome too and I hope that you are having some of those on a regular basis as well. I’m talking about the surprise, 3-5 second smooch that instantly makes you happy and sends chills down your spine when you least expect it.   

It doesn’t have to be complicated nor is it something you need to plan in advance, all you need is the willingness to pucker up and go for it. You can do it when you wake up, when you walk out the door, every time you see your love, or when you are doing just nothing. Smooch, smooch, smooch!

I repeat: It’s easy and definitely not difficult to get into the habit. I understand it may be awkward if this is something you don’t do often, or if you consider a kiss in public to be a violation of your morals. But because in this case the benefits prevail over your embarrassment or desire to go to heaven, you may want to consider breaking your own rules since we’re talking about bonding with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

No, we're not going to talk about the many health and psychological benefits of kissing because we don’t even need to go that far to make a good case for the daily smooch; however, it is important to note a couple of fun, hot points: 

  1. Kissing promotes bonding and intimacy- With our busy and demanding schedules this is a great way to connect physically with your partner. Yes, this is also an opportunity to smell their perfume and squeeze their derriere while at it.  Intimacy? Yes, it leads to better sex; I know this does not need further explanation.
  2. Smooching gets you in a better mood – Yes it does. Have you heard of the love/happy hormone? No? Time to visit Google then. A plain, yet powerful lip locking –sometimes with an exchange of saliva, acts as a mood enhancer; very helpful when you’re not feeling your best or want to have more fun with your other half.

Give it some thought please, consider getting into the daily habit and surprise your loved one. If you’re already doing it think of ways you can make it even more fun for the relationship. And yes, with all good healthy habits consistency is key, so kiss and kiss a little more every day.

One last thing: If you decide to go for the daily smooching multimultivitamin, make it count please, especially if the kiss is given or received at a time of the day where it can conduce to greater things… wink, wink!

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