Gentlemen, not getting lucky enough? Five tips that may help you get some more

I’ve heard from some very reliable manly sources that if it were up to you, gentlemen, you would like to have sex with your partner more times that you currently do. Imagine: sex, sex and more sex. Would you men really like that? Oh, I don’t even know why I asked. Well, gentlemen, let me get to the point and tell you that if you’re willing to taste the goods -no pun intended, as often as you possibly can, you must be willing to make some sacrifices.

So let’s get started. Women, pay attention too, please.

 1. Compliment your wife everyday - This is not difficult, even if this is not your style. Find something to compliment the wife or girlfriend on everyday, women like to know that you’re paying attention to all they do.  Maybe some of you already do that and it’s not getting you anywhere because when you do, all you hear is whining and nagging far from a thank you and steamy sex. Women, if your husband pays you a compliment, just take it and thank him. This is not the time to get picky and ask what’s wrong with him. Gentleman, if by chance your wife or girlfriend starts with negative reinforcement, stop the bus and just tell her to take the compliment and move on because many more are coming. In a very nice tone, of course.

2. Get her little gifts - Should I say flowers? Women like to be surprised because that means that you thought of them while you two were apart. Get her flowers, a card, a note, her favorite magazine, a perfume. Something! and again, women, don’t get picky, be grateful and compensate him.

3. Help around the house - Of all the tips, I think this is the one that will get your other half to forget about everything (for a moment) and focus on spending some quality time with you. Don’t wait until you’re asked to take the garbage out, run an errand, take care of the kids or help serve dinner. I’m not saying become a housekeeper, but just pay attention to some of the daily duties the spouse performs, get ahead of her and do them. It will be much appreciated. Women, again, no time to get picky here and start complaining that he didn’t do it right. You can only have one thing at a time; focus on his effort and use the time that you didn’t have to spend washing dishes, in the bedroom.

4. Give her some “me” time - Women are overwhelmed being girlfriends, wives, moms, and everything else. Get her a card, write a note, throw some money in and tell her to go do something for her. If she takes the day for her, please, don’t call her asking what time she’s getting home.  Once you do this, please don’t ask for the same in return; you already have enough “me” time by not birthing children nor having to make and serve dinner as often as your spouse does.

5. Take care of yourself - Definitely make an effort to look good all the time. I’m not saying hit the gym everyday nor spend money buying suits that you may not wear (although not opposed to it); work with what you have. All you need to do is make sure you always look presentable: no pants, no gym shoes when going out (by the way, that’s for working out only, but that’s another blog). No need to look as hot as a model to impress the woman in your life. As long as you have a clean-cut look (or beard well trimmed), hair combed, fitted clothes, you’ll look like an attractive, confident man. I’ve heard women find that sexy, thus it may play in your favor.

Yes, I know these tips may sound like a little too much to get some more action on a regular basis, but really, it’s not. Have you noticed all women do to get your attention? Well, then say no more.

One last thing: if you want this to work you have to be consistent. If you’re only doing something every time you want more sex, then forget it, it will not go unnoticed and you’re sure to create a situation for you. Don’t do it; it may backfire.

Focus on the prize gentlemen, if you do, you’ll be a model citizen and the luckiest guy in your circle of friends.



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