Is marriage the ultimate, elite club for women?

If there’s one thing that I can say almost every girl wants, is to be part of the world’s ultimate elite club for women. It carries a highly exclusive and costly membership, yet, many would love to be part of it; and those who say they’re not interested, I say please, stop lying to yourself.

In this club you love, you fight, you make promises and break them; you go deep, you fall and you get up. You’re pretentious and humble. You’re territorial and careless. You’re selfish and kind. You’re happy and miserable at times, but you’re also loved and cared for, among many other things. If you decide to join and treat your membership with care and put it on top of your priority list, it could be the bridge to the good, ultimate life you’ve probably envisioned many times, and you would only need to "buy" it once.

This ultimate elite club that I’m talking about is marriage. It is one of the many options life offers you, one that maybe  -just maybe, is one you surely want. But ladies beware: marriage is a joyous, yet a very serious business to maintain; it’s not just about finding who you think is your soulmate after you’ve crushed all the competition, nor getting him to propose and think that happily every after will soon follow. It’s about wanting to go the extra hard mile, while ignoring the opinions of your sisters, friends and mother repeatedly. It’s about giving control when needed (yes, until you “educate” your spouse), or yes, wanting to have sex on one of those days when you have a headache (or so you say...). It’s about letting go of your spouse not taking out the trash or having an epic argument, reconcile and move on, it’s about..oh, the list is endless!

Please, don’t think that I’m trying to sell you a membership into this club. You’re probably already in it and may be cursing me as you read through this because it’s not easy to stay in; or who knows, maybe you’re still in your honeymoon stage. While I certainly don’t intend to scare those currently trying to get in, you should know that this is an awesome club to join. Now, if you’re one that is very far from joining or not interested -which I seriously doubt-, you sure will learn something from visiting this blog.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what advise your mom or grandma gave you. It doesn't matter how many Disney princess movies you've seen. Maybe what matters most is that you're being patient, smart and attentive my female friend, on the way to finding your own formula for a life-time membership to this club, so you can only get one membership, ever. And for all those ladies that claim single life rocks, no need to pretend here, I know you want to be part of this club.

Because  it doesn't matter how you get there, just know that there’s no happily ever after. You work for it, and enjoy it! 


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