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Is Your Brand Targeting Millennial Mom ‘Drifters’ or ‘Planners?’

Is Your Brand Targeting Millennial Mom ‘Drifters’ or ‘Planners?’
Millennial Moms are the focus of many brand marketers, and for good reason.  With the average age of First Time Mom in the US now at 25, the critical first-time mom group is primarily Millennials. While there are differences in age by ethnic background and income level, the fact remains that most first time moms... Read more »

How Procter and Gamble Sniffed Out New Markets

How Procter and Gamble Sniffed Out New Markets
Segmenting for Scent-Lovers Reaches 40% of Consumers When Procter & Gamble first launched Febreze as an odor-eliminating product, it failed. In The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg relates the story of how Febreze came back. Consumer psychologists learned that consumers didn’t just want to eliminate odors—they craved a sense of accomplishment from making their environments... Read more »

Sports Mom Marketing Strategies

Sports Mom Marketing Strategies
How Procter & Gamble is Marketing to Moms Procter & Gamble’s Febreze brand is in the midst of a marketing to moms campaign blitz with their “Mom vs. Stink” contest. Specifically, their marketing strategy targets “sports moms” with children in middle school or older. In our book, Tuning Into Mom, we emphasize how marketers often... Read more »
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    Michal is co-author of Tuning Into Mom and an experienced consultant. Michal develops winning growth strategies and detailed go to market plans for some of the world’s outstanding organizations including McDonald’s, Gatorade, Abbott, Barilla, Tylenol, Clorox, Key Bank, Eagle Ottawa, Quaker and the Baker Demonstration School.

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