good2grow’s ‘Healthy Fun’ Market Strategy Wins with Millennial Moms

good2grow’s ‘Healthy Fun’ Market Strategy Wins with Millennial Moms

For Mom, serving juice to her child has become a bit of a sticky subject. Pediatricians recommend no more than 6-12 ounces of 100% fruit juice each day, and they suggest offering whole fruit instead. Meanwhile, kids love juice. Kids’ brand good2grow has made Mom’s decision easier by bringing these competing interests together with its ‘Healthy Fun’ market strategy.

New products like Fruit and Veggie Blends and Organic Juicy Waters complement the brand’s all-natural, no-sugar-added 100% juice offerings and address Mom’s juice concerns, while still providing a tasty beverage. Fruit and Veggie Blends offer more vitamins, while Organic Juicy Waters decrease calories and sugar content.

good2grow’s packaging appeals to both Mom and her child. With two age-appropriate sizes, Mom can choose the size that will best fit the nutritional needs of her child. And, the spill-proof SippaTop bottle toppers make the beverage a convenient on-the-go option. These reusable bottle toppers appeal to kids by prominently featuring popular characters like Mickey Mouse, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Disney Princesses and more.

Jim Scott, Founder and CEO of good2grow summarized the company’s market strategy nicely:

“good2grow is committed to healthy habits that last a lifetime. We put a beverage parents want their children to drink in a package that kids will want to drink from.”

What Makes Marketing to Millennial Moms Different?

All moms want what’s best for their children and listen to their pediatrician’s advice. What makes marketing to Millennial moms different? Brent Guinn, Vice President of Marketing for good2grow, gives insight into winning the loyalty of Millennial moms:

 “One big generational change with marketing to Millennials is the importance of emphasizing our company’s core set of beliefs, not just promoting our product attributes or in-store reasons to buy. By sharing the reasons we offer natural and organic choices, Millennial moms come to believe in the good2grow brand.”

Highlighting natural and organic choices align with Millennial moms’ values. As shown in the chart below, this segment prioritizes organic offerings more than other groups of moms:

good2grow’s ‘Healthy Fun’ Market Strategy Wins with Millennial Moms

Success in an Unexpected Channel

good2grow’s ‘Healthy Fun’ Market Strategy Wins with Millennial MomsPerhaps surprisingly, one of good2grow’s major sources of revenue is the convenience store channel. Typically, I would expect juice category sales to occur predominantly in grocery stores. But good2grow’s offerings align with convenience store strategies for attracting more moms, who typically spend more and buy for family members as well as themselves.

Healthy offerings in convenience stores are very welcome to moms, especially on road trips. As one mom of young children wryly notes:

“On a long car trip, the last thing I want is to be stuck in a car with two children who just ate an oatmeal cream pie and drank a Pepsi. Sugar highs and car seats do not mix well.”

 Add the allure of fun, car-friendly packaging to Mom’s healthy preferences, and it becomes more obvious why convenience stores are a significant channel for the company.

good2grow’s Healthy Fun brand vision is taking the company to new heights. Guinn comments on the company’s success:

“good2grow has doubled its household penetration since its launch year and the brand continues to post double-digit sales growth. Despite our price premium, our repeat purchase rate is still as high as the rest of the juice category. Repurchase is driven by two factors. First, the kid enjoys the experience. Second, Mom feels good about the nutrition. Families love good2grow so much they keep coming back and paying the premium.”

With such a carefully crafted market strategy, good2grow’s success is not surprising. As the company expands its product offerings and channels, I look forward to checking in on its growth and sharing some of its future innovations.

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