This Mother’s Day, Quaker Has a Sustained Market Advantage with Mom

This Mother’s Day, Quaker Has a Sustained Market Advantage with Mom

When my children were younger, each Mother’s Day I was regaled with a home-cooked breakfast in bed. On a normal weekday, by contrast, I focused on making sure my children had a nutritious breakfast before heading off to school, such as peanut butter on wheat bread or Quaker oatmeal. Like most moms, I believe breakfast plays an important role in getting my family’s day off to a good start.

Today’s Mom specifically values breakfast for the sustained energy it provides, which helps her child be at their best in school, perhaps for as many as five hours until their next scheduled meal. Justin Lambeth, Quaker Chief Marketing Officer, explains in this Crain’s Chicago Business piece:

"’What makes a modern mom different their parents' generation is they embrace the chaos… They are not looking for the escape moment,’ he added, but want a good energy source to get them through the day.’”

Quantitative research of over 2,800 consumers shows that the Quaker brand is well positioned to help Mom provide the long-lasting energy she wants for her family at breakfast.

  • 96% of consumers associate the Quaker equity with breakfast
  • 83% believe it is for families
  • 83% believe it is healthy
  • 62% see Quaker as providing long-lasting energy.

As you can see from the chart below, Quaker stands out from several other leading brands for its strength on these dimensions.

This Mother’s Day, Quaker Has a Sustained Market Advantage with Mom

How Quaker Turned ‘Sustainable Energy’ into a Marketing Strategy

The Quaker brand is laser-focused on helping today’s Mom with the “human energy crisis” using the good energy of Quaker across its multiple products. The brand’s “Quaker Up” campaign includes short films, like the following:

Traditional advertising like this “NodOff” ad combine with clever ideas like the Human Energy Index that monitors tweets to show how America is feeling.

This Mother’s Day, Quaker Has a Sustained Market Advantage with Mom

Quaker is addressing one market challenge head-on. From the same Crain’s interview:

"’Consumers know and understand the nutritional value of oats,’ Mr. Lambeth said. But ‘they still think of it as largely contained to a small number of products, like oatmeal,’ he said. ‘Our job is to show them the versatility of oats and how we can bring the power of the oat and the energy of oats to consumers in a variety of different products.’"

In case Mom’s family isn’t always in the mood for oatmeal, Quaker breakfast product choices also include breakfast squares, breakfast shakes, yogurt and more.

Quaker makes it a bit easier for moms to rest easy that their kids are getting a good breakfast, which is a pretty good Mother’s Day present. And for market strategy professionals, the brand is a good case study of how to put consumer research into action.


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