Butterball Completes the Meal with Strategic Partnerships

Butterball Completes the Meal with Strategic Partnerships

The Butterball brand offers a wide range of turkey products for everyday use, including, frozen turkey burgers, turkey bacon, turkey smoked sausage, deli meat, and turkey meatballs, along with fresh turkey cuts and ground turkey.

But at this time of year, Butterball is best known for whole turkeys.

Butterball Completes the Meal with Strategic PartnershipsStarting in November, many households think ahead to the Thanksgiving menu. In my family, we like to mix up traditional family favorites like red cabbage with new experiences and to spice up the holiday with competitions for best pie or best cookie. The hunt is on for new recipes and also new ways of preparing the main course: turkey. In the weeks leading up to the holiday, we’re scanning for recipes online, in magazines, in newspapers, on Pinterest  and in stores.  There’s quite a bit of back and forth negotiating and building the menu on email, phone and social media in the two weeks before Thanksgiving.  All of this preparation adds to the interest of the holiday.

Butterball stands out as a brand that understands both holiday meal planning and building out the holiday meal experience. Their strategic partnerships act to expand the brand’s presence in media and in-store during the planning and shopping process and contribute to the Thanksgiving prep, cooking, and entertainment experience.  For turkey preparation, Butterball partners with Reynolds (foil, cooking bags), Hefty (foil pans)Spice Island, and Kikkoman.  And when it comes to side dishes, Butterball works with General Mills’ brands, including Green Giant, Pillsbury, and Betty Crocker.   Butterball even pairs with Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi and Corona.

As Natalie Thompson, Brand Manager, Fresh, Frozen and Seasonal at Butterball, says:

“With our strategic brand partnerships, Butterball completes the meal for consumers.  We address turkey, side dishes, and beverage accompaniments.”

Meanwhile, the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line provides timely customer service on any turkey question you may have-- from planning to thawing and preparing turkey for the meal.  Recognizing that men are increasingly involved with cooking these days, Butterball’s team of experts offers advice on the full range of cooking methods, from grilling to deep-frying, to oven roasting and more.   The male and female Butterball Turkey Talk-Line experts can also help with the perfect wine pairing.  This year, Butterball is partnering with Woodbridge Wines to provide wine pairing suggestions for white, red and sparkling wines that work well with your holiday meal.

With their combination of strong strategic partnerships and excellent customer service from the Talk-Line, Butterball offers a great example of a brand that is meeting consumers’ changing needs this holiday.

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