This Halloween, Haunted Houses Scare Up Millennial Millions

This Halloween, Haunted Houses Scare Up Millennial Millions

A majority of Millennials aged 15-25 now claim Halloween as their favorite holiday in a survey by social video chat provider ooVoo.  Although overall spending for Halloween is slightly down from last year, Millennials are celebrating in a big way. Kathy Grannis of National Retail Federation writes:

“Seven in 10 18-24 year-olds surveyed said they plan to put on a costume this year. And those in their late 20s to early 30s are still in the Halloween spirit: 65 percent said they will also wear a costume.”

Costumes are certainly the most popular way to get in the Halloween spirit, but this chart shows Millennials plan to celebrate in many ways:

This Halloween, Haunted Houses Scare Up Millennial Millions

Millennials and Haunted Houses

Industry group America Haunts estimates there are 1200 independent haunted houses generating an annual $300 million. There are an additional 300 amusement parks providing Halloween events, which generate up to $200 million annually. That’s $500 million in haunted attractions each year.

One example is amusement park Kings Island’s Halloween Haunt. With over 15 individual attractions and 600 performers, the amusement park fills up each pre-Halloween weekend with young people looking for a scare. Online discount prices are $27 Friday and $33 Saturday (prices at the gate are $40 and $57, respectively).  Visitors also must pay for parking and can be upsold meal tickets and front-of-line passes.

Haunted attraction review site Ohio Valley Haunts gives Halloween Haunt a 9 out of 10 rating and describes the expanded offerings the amusement park provides each year:

“Other haunted attractions just can't compete with Kings Island from an event perspective.  The inclusion of 20 ‘thrill rides’ can't be ignored when looking at the overall picture.  The haunts continue to improve every year, with more elaborate and realistic decor, and the quality of costuming and acting gets better as well.”

Kings Island clearly sees the benefit of investing in Halloween. Why are Halloween and haunted houses so popular with Millennials? Larry Lieberman, chief marketing officer of ooVoo suggests:

“The rise in popularity of Halloween among Millennials is a clear indicator that they crave casual fun in a world where they feel pressured by other popular family activities."

Whatever their motivations, Millennials indeed do love Halloween– spending millions on just haunted attractions alone. There is significant opportunity for brands beyond candy makers and costume designers to connect with Millennials through Halloween promotions or product offerings.

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