Fisher Brand Nuts Stand Up to the Competition

Fisher Brand Nuts Stand Up to the Competition

When a brand innovates to solve problems and appeal to both consumers and retailers, it has the opportunity to really stand up to the competition. The recent packaging launch and supporting marketing campaign from John B. Sanfilippo & Son for the Fisher brand of recipe nuts provides an excellent example of stand out benefits.

John B. Sanfilippo & Son (JBSS) recognized that both retail customers and consumers had unmet needs in baking nuts.  The popular 16-ounce and 10-ounce bags were hard to read on shelf because they were typically lying down. Merchandising was less than optimal for the retailer or the consumer. At home, consumers also had concerns with resealability and freshness. Fisher’s solution?  A stand-up bag with a zipper to keep in the freshness.

Fisher Vs. Blue Diamond POP

The stand-up bag solves several problems at retail.  As reported in February 2013 Shopper Marketing, Howard Brandeisky, Vice President of Global Marketing and Customer Solutions at John B. Sanfilippo & Son, explains “Retailers love the standup bag because it creates a cleaner look on shelves, and customers can recognize the contents through the front-facing panel.”  The zipper locks in freshness and solves other problems, as research reveals. “Shoppers would even go to unusual lengths such as applying scotch tape or a bandage to a bag- to extend the life of the product,” according to Brandeisky.

Fisher brought new benefits to both consumers and retail customers.  And it built on this innovation through an integrated marketing partnership with The Food Network and Chef Alex Guarnachelli. Fisher’s Pinterest page gives Chef Alex’s tips for recipes with nuts. The almond coating for fish looks particularly appealing for a summer grill item.

According to JBSS, Chef Alex was selected because:

”She is a nationally recognized, award-winning chef, and also a mom who enjoys creating uncomplicated, yet appealing recipes, that don’t require tons of prep and ingredients, so she brings the best of both worlds to appeal to our target audience. Her recipes are delicious and aspirational yet simple.”

The brand has also partnered with local chef Shelley Young, founder of The Chopping Block, to showcase a variety of Classic Recipes on YouTube.  The recipes feature the stand up bag, as well as a short list of ingredients and clear instructions. Favorites include Banana Bread and Pecan Pie, among others:

Fisher Nuts vs. Diamond Foods - CrainThe added benefits that Fisher is delivering are winning with retail customers and consumers.  According to Crain’s Chicago Business, Fisher saw unit sales increases in fourth quarter 2012, with gains vs. market leader Blue Diamond.

The recipe nuts category isn’t exactly considered the cutting edge, but John B. Sanfilippo & Son still found a way to make their product better and meet the needs of their retail customers and consumers. So, it’s time to ask: what has your brand delivered in the form of clear, differentiating benefits for customers and consumers?

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