What Makes a Millennial Mom?

What Makes a Millennial Mom?

Important Insights for Marketers from the State of the American Mom Report

Millennial moms have emerged as a distinct market, representing almost 25% of moms with kids under 18. These moms are ages 18-30 themselves, with younger children. They now account for two thirds (65%) of first time moms of infants/toddlers (oldest child is under 2 years old).  They are parents of middle school and elementary school children, preschoolers and infants/toddlers. And as Millennials continue to reach adulthood and have children, they will be an even more sizable market going forward.

As we’ve written about in Tuning into Mom: Understanding America’s Most Powerful Consumer, Mom experiences events differently as her first-born child enters a new group for the first time (e.g., transitions from preschool to elementary school).  She makes many decisions at this point that will influence her behavior in the future. Millennial moms are making these transitions now, and forming brand preferences along the way.  They are also more multi-cultural than American moms of other generations.  Despite the fact that their incomes are lower than other (older) mom segments, they are optimistic about their trajectory.

Marketing to Moms CoalitionBesides the demographic recap, how are these moms different from Boomer and Gen-X moms, and how can marketers reach them? To explore these questions, Marketing to Moms Coalition released the 2012 State of the American Mom report, with many key insights into the Millennial Mom.  The full report is available for purchase from the not-for-profit.

She’s the Main Nurturer

Millennial moms are more likely than Gen X or Boomer moms to state that they are primarily responsible for childcare when their child(ren) are not in school or daycare.  She’s also more likely to read to her children.  Of course, some of this role is due to the younger age of her children when compared to other generations of moms.

Millennial Mom- Not the savviest shopperNot the Savviest Shopper, But Shops More Online

The Millennial Mom wouldn’t be considered the savviest shopper. She is less likely to make a grocery list and more likely to wander the store to find what she needs. She is also less likely to use coupons or locate sales.  These inclinations make her an attractive marketing target for impulse items and new, interesting products.

The Millennial Mom is also more likely to shop online, which includes in-store comparison shopping on her smart phone.

She’s More Intense About Mobile and Social Media Use, But Also Listens to Family Advice

Speaking of smart phones, Millennial moms have the highest rate of smart phone ownership of all generations.  And, of all moms with smart phones, Millennial moms use theirs most intensively.  This was true in both 2011 and 2012.

Millennial moms are highly connected and are more likely to ask family for advice than other sources. They visit Facebook more often than other moms. 54% of them are most likely to be on Facebook twice or more each day. It is clear that to engage Millennial moms, marketing strategies need to have a Facebook component.

They are also more likely to watch online videos and read blogs—44% read one or more blogs regularly. Like other moms, Millennial moms are most interested in food. But they also show an increased interest in parenting, likely because their children skew younger.

Given their more intense social media use, reaching Millennial Moms requires focus on this part of the marketing mix, along with capturing their interest through ‘hot buttons’ such as food, health and safety, along with parenting.  Their shopping habits also present opportunities for retailers. These highlights give insight into the Millennial Mom, but I recommend any brand considering making Millennial Moms a focus invest in the complete 2012 State of the American Mom Report.

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