What Marketers Need to Know About Moms and Technology

What Marketers Need to Know About Moms and Technology

Mom’s top two priorities are her relationship with her child and the quality of communications with her child. She values technology because it helps her with both of these priorities. Marketing strategies need to engage with the benefits mom gets from using technology (the benefits), rather than focusing exclusively on the features (the attributes) of the products.

Technology enables Mom in two ways:

  1. It helps her communicate with her child, caregivers and significant others. As we all know, today’s technology allows for communicating in more ways than have been possible in the past—Skype, texting, Facebook, FaceTime, etc. Many moms feel that technology has allowed their family life to be as close or closer than their families were when they grew up themselves.
  2. It helps her accomplish tasks more effectively, and makes her life easier. The iPhone’s turn-by-turn directions is a good example of this convenience, so Mom doesn’t have to locate directions before leaving her house.

Many moms also believe it is important for them to stay on top of technologies, both to communicate with their children in the way that is most effective, and as a tool to juggle their busy lives. In out interviews for Tuning Into Mom, we found most moms are highly wired, using mobile and smart phones with texting and e-mail to communicate real-time information with their children and other caregiving adults. These technologies help moms navigate complicated family calendars with working parents, divorced parents, blended families and myriad extracurricular activities. Marissa’s comments illustrate this point:

“I use a lot of technology… to keep it all together. I send Outlook appointments to my ex-husband, and he accepts them for their [kids’] calendars… I think e-mail has been very helpful for us, too. It’s a very non-emotional way for us to connect about things for the kids. I cannot believe I’m the kind of mom who actually has cell phones for both girls, but it’s just worked for us. My oldest prefers texting. She’s just in that mode and she’s at that age now where she’d prefer not to be on the phone talking to her mom. It’s not cool.” – Marissa, mom of a middle schooler and high schooler

What technologies are popular with Mom?

Among moms with whom we spoke, the mobile phone was the most popular technology for helping manage their personal lives and stay in touch. And, the Marketing to Moms Coalition’s research shows a big increase in smart phone ownership, up from 44% of moms in 2011 to 58% in 2012. And, among the 58% of moms who have smart phones, they are using the phones a lot.

How Mom uses her smart phone

Other popular technologies with Mom include laptop and desktop computers:

Mom's device ownership

Marketing strategists need to keep in mind that Mom is tech-savvy, but she doesn’t necessarily care as much about tech specs or latest release schedules. She cares how technology can make life easier, improve communication quality and bring her family closer together.

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