Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Exercises Marketing Strategies To Engage Mom and Her Active Child

Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Exercises Marketing Strategies To Engage Mom and Her Active Child

One of Mom’s most important concerns for her child involves exercise and sports. Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes is a food brand that builds promoting exercise into its marketing strategies that appeal to Mom and her child alike. Other brands can draw inspiration from this case study to help them incorporate exercise and sports into their own marketing strategies.  What I particularly like about this example is that it shows how a food brand can tap into another mom’s hot button area: exercise and sports.

As we learned in research for Tuning Into Mom, Mom sees exercise as an important part of a healthy lifestyle for herself and her child. Mickey, mom of a middle schooler, talks about her focus:

“My main goal is for him to figure out something he enjoys doing that he can maintain. I don’t care if he is on a team. The main thing for exercise is that they find something that they enjoy enough to be motivated to do as an adult on their own, so they can maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Frosted Flakes Teams With Little League BaseballFrosted Flakes’ main marketing strategy revolves around encouraging healthy lifestyles for children—started with a breakfast that includes Frosted Flakes. The brand regularly updates its strategies to keep up with current events in sports.  The brand sponsors teams and athletes, partners with other organizations, develops contests and finds new ways to engage children and parents.

This season, the brand emphasized their support for the 2012 Little League Baseball World Series, as shown on the Little League website:

“Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes is proud to be the ‘Official Breakfast Food of Little League.’

“For more than 50 years, Tony the Tiger has helped kids develop self-assurance by keeping fit and eating a balanced breakfast. Today, Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes and Tony successfully motivate kids to get involved and be their best through the Earn Your Stripes program. At its core, Earn Your Stripes is about building self-esteem by working hard and eating right to overcome challenges and accomplish personal goals.”

Frosted Flakes marketing campaign example on FacebookFrosted Flakes employs marketing campaigns on its website and Facebook to create broader exposure. Using a variation of the “Earn Your Stripes” tagline, “Show Your Stripes,” the website includes interactive activities that encourage children to create a sports nickname, make the “perfect chant” and share how they show their stripes.

Another example of Frosted Flakes’ support for youth sports was in 2009, when the brand announced a promotion that included plans to renovate 50 local sports fields. This promotion was supported by a Super Bowl advertisement with a national call to action. As Kimberly Miller, vice president of marketing for the Morning Food Division of the Kellogg Company said in the press release:

“The Super Bowl provides the perfect opportunity for us to launch this Earn Your Stripes initiative as we continue to encourage kids to be more active, eat right and to work hard to achieve their goals.”

The Frosted Flakes brand encourages children to be active though a variety of programs and by showing its branded character, Tony the Tiger, as an energetic supporter of youth fitness and sports. With half of Kellogg’s $13.2 billion net sales resulting from cereal sales, the company has been successful at building and maintaining their brands’ status as market leaders. Other brands, especially food brands, could certainly learn from Frosted Flakes’ example by employing marketing strategies that promote exercise and appeal to moms and their families.

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