Target Hits a Bulls-eye on Back-to-School Marketing to Mom

Target Hits a Bulls-eye on Back-to-School Marketing to Mom

Back-to-school shopping is on every mom’s mind these days—and retailers are looking forward to the to the second-largest sales period of the year (after the November/December holiday shopping season). And it looks like this season could be stronger than in recent years, especially for brands, like Target, that employ effective marketing to mom strategies.

A survey from the National Retail Federation indicates moms are planning to spend 14% more on back-to-school shopping than last year, with an average spend of $688.62. A survey by & Co. shows that Mom’s highest back-to-school priority is their children’s clothing, with 9 out of 10 moms agreeing they will spend more money on their children’s fall wardrobes than their own.

Target’s back-to-school marketing strategies coincide with this research, with the brand’s recent emphasis on clothing and school supplies. Target’s back-to-school tagline is, “School Takes a Lot. Target Has It All,” which hits the bulls-eye in appealing to busy moms. Back to school preparation does take a lot—of time, dollars and Mom’s energy. Target follows up with an entertaining advertising strategy that portrays moms, students and teachers as hip, while visually reminding moms that “Target Has It All.” Here are two examples:

Target has long been a favorite for moms. In 2010, 53% of moms said they shopped at a Target retailer with a limited grocery section in the past three months

In addition to the quality of their clothes and other products, moms have responded to the entire shopping experience at Target. Melissa, mom of a middle-schooler says,

“When we go to Target, it can be about all of us. I can get a Starbucks, and we can walk around, and it can be more of an experience than just shopping.”

Target has a comprehensive marketing strategy for the mom market—first, appealing to Mom through advertising, then providing a great in-store experience and offering products Mom loves (including a section dedicated to back-to-school college merchandising). These latest back-to-school marketing tactics shows that most retailers have a lot to learn from Target—but will they?

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