iPhone Mom: Apple’s Marketing Strategies Win Mom’s Love

iPhone Mom: Apple’s Marketing Strategies Win Mom’s Love

Nielsen reports that 54% of moms own a smartphone, which makes them above-average users—and that number seems to be growing.

Apple is the company that is most responsible for this huge new growth market in technology. Known for its innovative technology interfaces, Apple’s products are so user-friendly that toddlers can use them.  In fact, there are popular toddler apps for the iPhone and iPad devices.  Other innovative organizations like The iPhone Mom have built on this concept and have grown by helping Mom get more from her iPhone.  The iPhone Mom includes mom-centric app reviews, age-specific app recommendations and tips for using iPhones and iPads..

In interviews for our book, Tuning Into Mom,moms reported that their young children can use these applications and operate iPhones and iPads. Zola, the mother of two-year-old Ebben, says her daughter was able to start using the iPhone when she was 15 months old:

“Ebben uses the coloring book app on the iPhone. She knows where the stickers are, and she can color with one finger. As soon as we got the iPhones, the kid’s applications were among the first we got. Another thing we used the iPhone for is to jump on YouTube to show her some videos.”

In addition to keeping kids busy and entertained, Mom finds the iPhone’s features appealing because it helped her juggle all of her responsibilities. The easy access and intuitive nature of these features is key for Mom because the iPhone can help her cut out time-consuming steps in her busy schedule.

Apple understands the importance of growing the mom market with their devices, as evidenced by their mom-friendly marketing strategies. “Every parent could use a hand,” reads their marketing copy, “Keep up with your kids or just keep them busy with family-friendly iPhone apps.” Family-friendly is key. Apple has come under criticism from some developers for flatly refusing to allow pornographic apps in the App Store. The message is that families are where Apple expects to see sales growth, and they can’t risk offending them.

Apple has elevated its brand among busy moms with its easy-to-use, friendly devices. Apple clearly employs marketing to mom strategies that emphasize how families can incorporate these devices into their lives. According to one analyst, Apple is also on pace in 2012 "to generate the highest annual net income of any publicly traded company ever."  Other technology companies should take notice.


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