What’s Your Marketing Strategy for the Chief Memory Officer?

What’s Your Marketing Strategy for the Chief Memory Officer?

How Marketing Strategies Should Appeal to the Family’s Chief Memory Officer—Mom

Moms usually take on the responsibility of being the family’s Chief Memory Officer. Mom makes plans to create memories, uses products and tools to capture memories and finds ways to share those memories-- with friends and family today and her children in the coming years.

At each memory-making stage, there’s an opportunity for marketing to moms, especially in regards to Mom’s first-born child. With the first child, every movement is a milestone to be captured—from birth to high school graduation and beyond. Michele Blandino jokingly asks moms in her photo album guide, “So What about Number Two?”:

“Is the photo collection for your third, fourth and any subsequent children so sparse that they have asked you if they were adopted at an early age?”

With her first child, Mom is also learning for the first time how to create, capture and share memories. She’s an eager consumer who takes the Chief Memory Officer role seriously.

Creating Memories

Mom typically takes charge of planning the family outings, gatherings and celebrations where her family’s memories are created. We’ve discussed marketing strategies for some of these events in detail, like graduation celebrations, prom and outdoor adventures.

In her role as Chief Memory Officer, Mom ensures she has everything she needs to capture memories while they are happening. For instance, she might purchase a new video camera before her son graduates college, a digital SLR camera before the family’s once-in-a-lifetime trip to Europe, or even just a smartphone to capture pictures and video in daily life.

Marketing strategies should target the occasion Mom is buying the product for, not just the features and benefits. Appealing to the emotional reasons she’s buying rather than the technical aspects of the product will capture Mom’s attention.

Capturing Memories

Mom is capturing memories in action, not just portraits. She needs to be able to capture them on-the-go, while participating in birthday parties, canoe trips or family reunions. She can’t miss a moment, and the memories being captured must last a lifetime.

When Mom is shopping for products to help her capture memories, such as cameras, video-cameras and smartphones, she’s looking for easy-to-use, dependable and high-quality offerings. It’s essential to emphasize these qualities in marketing strategies targeted towards moms.

As early as 2005, IDC analysts reported women were buying more digital cameras than men, representing 53% of all cameras purchased. Steve Haber, senior vice president for PersonalMobile and Imaging Division at Sony Electronics, confirms that Mom is the Chief Memory Officer:

“Women are more likely to be the memory-keepers in a family, capturing and sharing family photos and storing family memories. At the end of the day, women want to know they can simply take a beautifully designed and full-featured camera out of the box and start capturing memories.”

Sharing Memories

In a Nielsen Webinar with BabyCenter, researchers reported that moms spend more time on social networks than the average user.  In fact, nearly one out of every three minutes Mom spends online is on Facebook. Significantly, Mom uses Facebook as her “brag book” to share pictures and videos of her children.

If your brand targets Mom, especially while she’s in Chief Memory Officer mode, your marketing strategy needs a compelling Facebook component.

Memories are marketing opportunities

For Mom, capturing and sharing her family’s memories is almost as important as creating them in the first place. Yet, moms often have difficulty locating the best brands to help them in their role of Chief Memory Officer. In the 2010 “Highlights of the Marketing to Moms Conference,” it was reported, “Fewer than 1% of women feel that manufacturers design products with them in mind.” Brands that develop growth strategies to appeal to this need with moms will broaden their appeal in the marketplace.

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