Grow Your Outdoor Brand with the Mom Market

Grow Your Outdoor Brand with the Mom Market

Just Like the Guys, Moms Take On Outdoor Adventures… But in Their Own Way

Moms of older children are ready to take time for themselves, and this often means enjoying a “girlfriends getaway” with friends. There are over 62 million women in the US aged 35 -65, presenting a significant growth opportunity for many outdoor brands that have previously targeted just men, and perhaps families.

Marketing strategies can go beyond spa days and shopping weekends. Today’s Moms are looking for adventure, along with fitness opportunities. Research in Tuning Into Mom shows that as her child approaches middle school, Mom becomes increasingly focused on exercise and sports to help her stay fit and manage weight.

Darren Bush, owner of Rutabaga, an outdoor sports shop with a comprehensive online store, spoke with me about his marketing strategy experience in designing trips for women:

“We do an event called Water Divas, which is a paddling trip on Tuesday or Thursday nights. It’s doing quite well—women have been increasingly interested over the past four to five years. What we’ve seen is that, for women in their 40s and 50s, it’s ‘me time.’ They want to do something with their friends, and the average woman is more interested if she can go with a friend.”

Beyond the excursion itself, Mom also finds a need for specialized gear, often designed with women in mind. This creates growth strategy opportunities with product designers and marketing professionals alike. For example, MTI’s PFDiva lifevest features an “adjust-a-bust fit system” with memory foam. Ashley, reviewing the vest on Amazon, says: 

“Great Vest. Finally a little extra room in the top! My girlfriends have tried it on and are switching to this vest as well.”

Notice the word-of-mouth marketing, with all of Ashley’s girlfriends trying out her PFDiva and deciding to purchase it for themselves. Darren confirms from his experience, “Women will pay $125 for this vest over the $75 for the standard vest. They don’t care. It fits.”

Women, especially moms, are also interested in safety while taking on adventure. Products like Personal Locator Beacons allow consumers to send a text message or map detailing where they are located, or even place an emergency call. With a price-point starting at $300, products like these show Moms are willing to invest in safety.

Darren concludes:

“Women tend to be a little more cautious and gather information. A woman who is going to do an adventure will have her homework done and not be afraid to spend money on it. They want to know they are doing everything they can to be safe, comfortable and have fun.”

Customers who do their research and want the best equipment? Sounds like a profitable marketing opportunity to me.

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