The Growth Strategy of Shrinking Portions

The Growth Strategy of Shrinking Portions

77 Million Reasons to Target Moms in Food Marketing Strategy

There are over 77 million moms of children up to age 29 in the United States today, and beyond being major purchasers and influencers for their families, they represent a significant consumer group for their own needs and wants.

I recently focused on Mom’s purchasing habits for her children in “One Way to Mom’s Heart is Through Her Family’s Stomachs: Food & Nutrition Marketing to Mom.” Today, I’ll explore Mom’s food purchasing habits and concerns for herself.

The 2011 State of the American Mom research from the Marketing to Moms Coalition found that, when focused on their own diets and nutrition, many moms’ concerns shift more to keeping calories, fat, carbohydrate and sodium content low.

Moms of older children make their own weight management a priority, while moms of infants and toddlers are especially concerned with weight loss:

 "I am working on cutting out soda pop and creamer in my coffee. I am cutting that out for weight issues. I have not been able to lose my baby weight at all. I have put on five pounds in the past two years, and it’s hard." – Zola, mom of a toddler.

75% of moms who participated in the State of the American Mom research say they are trying to eat healthier, and 80% of moms say they read food labels. Here’s what moms find important when shopping for themselves:

Pam Gardner, consultant with The Food Group, encourages brands to, “Fit in small indulgences and amazing bites,” when marketing to moms. She gives an excellent food marketing example:

"Haagen Dazs now has the mini cups. Those are fabulous. Those are little 4 oz. cups of ice cream. My son will have one of those with me, if I have a few in the freezer.  An indulgence that doesn’t go too far. It’s a little amazing taste vs. a big bowl of ice cream. Think quality vs. quantity and intense tastes."

Since 72% of moms consider the calorie-count important when reading labels and buying food for themselves, this growth strategy of shrinking portions has significant opportunity to interest Mom in high-quality brands at smaller quantities. This represents a move away from “buying in bulk” and “value brands,” which emphasize more quantity for less cost.

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