Free Marketing to Moms Webinar – This Week!

Free Marketing to Moms Webinar – This Week!

Join me this Thursday, June 7 at 2:00 P.M. EDT for a free marketing to moms webinar, through Nielsen. Click here to register.

I’ll be sharing insights from my book, Tuning Into Mom: Understanding America’s Most Powerful Consumer.

Our conversation will include two additional experts:

  • Inna Kern, VP, Global Sales Marketing for BabyCenter, LLC, is charged with the development of sales and trade marketing programs across BabyCenter’s 22 global markets. She spearheads development of BabyCenter’s industry-leading 21st Century Moms insights programs across the US, Canada and select European, Asian and Latin American markets to educate marketers on the habits and trends of modern motherhood.
  • Jenna Berger, Research Manager, Media and Advertising Analytics with Nielsen focuses on Global Digital Analytics. She works with Nielsen’s Social, Local, Mobile and Online Video clients.

Our focus will be on Mom’s communication habits, “The American Media Mom: Always-On, In Control, and Changing the Rules for Marketers.” Here’s the summary:

“Motherhood significantly impacts how women use media, and contributes to over $2 trillion in spending power.  Moms are using the latest digital devices as necessities—not luxuries—to help her master the changing media landscape for herself and her family as she takes on the new role of Family Media Manager. Compared with the general population, moms over-index on ownership and usage of EVERY digital device, including laptops, digital cameras, DVRs, and gaming consoles.  How are you approaching your communication with this critical audience segment?  

“Join us for a webinar that focuses on the American Media Mom based on a joint study with BabyCenter.  Before engaging Mom, marketers need to be aware of the changing dynamics affecting her media choices, and plan accordingly.  Nielsen and BabyCenter subject matter experts will share findings about Mom’s including: Media shifting behavior, device adoption, time spent across various media platforms, social media and mobile usage and growth trends.”

Register here now… and I look forward to sharing my insights with you this Thursday!

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    Michal Clements

    Michal is co-author of Tuning Into Mom and an experienced consultant. Michal develops winning growth strategies and detailed go to market plans for some of the world’s outstanding organizations including McDonald’s, Gatorade, Abbott, Barilla, Tylenol, Clorox, Key Bank, Eagle Ottawa, Quaker and the Baker Demonstration School.

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